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Adventure and Outdoor Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Much of a Threat is Ebola to Travelers?
How dangerous is the Ebola epidemic in West Africa for travelers?
5 Best Day Hikes in the Swiss Alps: No Camping...
Looking for details on taking great day hike in the Swiss Alps? Greg Witt, author of
Always Make Photocopies of These Things Before...
Always travel with photocopies of your passport, credit cards, driver's license, health insurance information and otherimportant travel documents. If your purse or wallet is stolen, it's easier to replace everything if you have photocopies of the originals that show the passport and card numbers.
Top 30 International Adventure Travel Companies
Your choice of an adventure travel company could ensure a wonderful vacation. Here's a selection of reputable companies.
The Most Extreme Zip Lines in America
Zip Lines are strung among trees throughout America. If you're looking for adrenalin highs during aerial rides, just take a zip line tour. Whether you're living in or visiting Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, Alaska or dozens of the other states here in the U.S., odds are excellent there will a zip line or canopy tour within easy driving distance.
How to Easily Get through TSA Security with...
Here's an update on the rules because the Transportation Security Administration, including the amount and you can carry gels and liquids in your carry-on plane bag. Plus, details on where to get continually updated info.
The Best Companies and Websites for Solo...
If you are a solo traveler, here are companies, cruise lines and Web sites with lots of information and advice for people who like to travel solo, and singles looking for trips where they can meet others.
Microadventures: Adventure Travel Close to Home
microadventures help adventure travelers find cheap, close to home, options for when they can't travel abroad.
5 Great Day Hikes Near Salt Lake City
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Salt Lake City
Tips For Booking Adventure Travel on the Cheap
Tips for adventure travelers to save money on their next escape.
What are some common adventure travel activities?
What are the top adventure travel activities?
Adventure Destination: Michigan's Upper...
Michigan's Upper Peninsula provides great travel opportunities for adventure and outdoor travelers looking for a great escape.
Just What is Adventure Travel?
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Riding Fat Tire Bikes in Snow & Ice on...
Riding fat tire bikes on snow and ice-covered trails in the winter is an adventure you can find at several ski resorts and towns in the Mid-West.
8 Great Foldable and Collapsable Pieces of...
Empty your luggage and hide that foldable or collapsible travel bag under a bed or on a shelf in small hotel rooms or cruise-ship cabins.
Drive a Tank - Driving Authentic Military Tanks...
Ever wanted to drive a military tank and fire a cannon? Here's where civilians can do it.
Zipline -- The Zipline at Heavenly in...
Heavenly Mountain Resort in California claims it has the longest zipline in the United States. During the 80-second ride, you're guaranteed spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the ski slopes you underneath as you descend.
Women's Adventure Travel - Gutsy Group Trips...
Women's adventure travel is for gutsy women who want to travel with a group. Many women - single or married - like the camaraderie of all female groups. Here's where to find tour operators specializing in women's adventure travel.
This Purse Is Completely Pickpocket-Proof
The Pacsafe Citysafe 200 travel shoulder bag is, quite simply, the best travel purse I've used during my years of exploring the world. The anti-theft features give me a sense of security on busy city streets. The bag's inner pockets keep my passport, credit cards and iPhone secure, but I can quickly reach everything else I've packed into various pockets.
Adventure Travel with Road Scholar - Find...
Active adventure travel trips for the 50plus crowd that younger travelers will want to (and can) book, too.
Adventure Travel News - 8/22/2014
Adventure travel news for the week ending 8/22/2014.
Is Burning Man a Pagan Rite? A Contemporary...
Burning Man. Is it a festival? A Pagan rite? An event? Trying to define the annual Burning Man gathering is like trying to describe what an art festival designed around a bonfire looks like.
The 10 Best Wildlife Adventure Trips You Can...
Nature and wildlife adventure travel trips are growing in popularity. Would you like to dive with whale sharks, watch thundering herds during the annual animal migration in Africa or track wolves with your camera in Yellowstone National Park.
Take a Zipline or Canopy Tour
Are you going to ride a zip line on your next trip? Before you start zipping, all reputable zipline tour operators will give you basic training. Here's what to expect.
Hiking in the Swiss Alps - Off the Jungfrau&rsq...
Guest author and hiking guide Greg Witt believe the Jungfrau region is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's a glistening mountain landscape and home to the Alps’ highest concentration of glaciers, where you’ll find exquisite hiking trails, dazzling waterfalls, and legendary peaks like the Eiger with its fearsome North Face.
Adventure Travel News - 8/15/2014
Weekly news, notes, and deals from the world of adventure travel.
Adventure Travel Companies Offering Small Group...
If you're the traveler who prefers small group tours, here's a list of adventure travel companies that plan tours and limit travelers to small groups, often 16 people or less.
Overseas Adventure Travel a Good Fit for the...
Older women traveling solo enjoy OAT trips because they are small, have good guides and make traveling easier.
Top Zipline Adventures - Find Canopy and Zip...
Searching for the best zipline adventures (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in the U.S. and around the world. These zip line adventures cover the globe. Click here to see if there's a zipline or canopy tour where you're taking your next vacation.
12 Adventures Perfect for Adrenaline Junkies
12 adrenaline-soaked activities, like cage diving and bobsledding, for active travelers who like to push their mental and physical limits.
The Women's Travel Group Offers Adventure Travels
The Women's Travel Group offers adventure travel trips that set women in exotic locales, on sandy island beaches and in sophisticated cities.
TSA Approved Locks Keeps Suitcases Closed But...
TSA approved locks will keep your suitcase closed as it works its way through the baggage system when you're taking a flight. The Transportation Security Administration guards have the keys to open them, if they want to look inside.
You’ll Find Great Adventure Travel...
Gap Adventures, which made National Geographic Adventure magazine’s top “Do It All” outfitter list again in the February, 2009, issue, offers a choice of more than 1,200 small group adventure travel trips to all seven continents.
Top Sources to Find Volunteer Travel Abroad...
Volunteer travel abroad and in the United States. Where to find companies with trips with volunteer opportunities while on vacation.
Magellan's is a One-Stop Shop for Travel...
Travel junkies visit Magellan’s often to see what’s new in gear, accessories, clothing and supplies.
Top 10 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone National...
Visiting Yellowstone in the winter you can snowmobile or cross country ski past steamy clouds drifting from hot springs, watch Old Faithful erupt framed by the setting sun, photograph bison from the safety of your snow coach and watch wolf packs through a spotting scope.
Top 10 hiking trails from a guide who has worn...
Hike Fira to Oia on Santorini Island, Greece. The trail has views of white-washed houses hugging cliffs that fall into the Aegean Sea.
Top 10 Types of Adventure Travel
Check out these ten unforgettable types of adventure travel. These adventurous travel experiences range from scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hot air ballooning over a desert in New Mexico to kayaking with the kids in the Pacific ocean by Vancouver, Canada.
TSA Allows Carry-on Checkpoint Friendly Laptop...
Tired of pulling your laptop and other electronic gear out of your carry-on bag or backpack? TSA won’t make you take your laptop out of these checkpoint friendly bags and backpacks.
Download Maps With Free PDF Maps for iPhone/iPa...
Download free app for free offline maps. Maps remain interactive even when you're offline. Plot your travels on thousands of interactive maps covering everything from wilderness area to cities and countries around the globe.
DiCAPac Inexpensive Waterproof Camera Case...
If you're looking for an inexpensive waterproof camera case to protect your digital camera, we found the DiCAPac Alpha case worked well while snorkeling and river rafting. Read the review.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Top 5 Things to Do
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and the Steamboat Resort, deliver adventures for hikers, bikers, horseback riders and people who enjoy hot springs.
Where to Go Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in...
Nose-to-nose with a 250-pound grouper, the scuba diver waved at the crowd on the far side of the glass in the aquarium. Did you know aquarium scuba diving and snorkeling programs are offered at more than 10 aquariums in the U.S., as well as in other countries?
Rio Secreto Caves: Riviera Maya, Cancun Tourist...
Walking and swimming in the underground river that flows through Rio Secreto was our favorite tourist attraction in Mexico's Riviera Maya. You see caves in an untouched state.
Track Your World Travels With Maps From Maps.com
Maps.com bills itself as the world’s largest map store - and the selection of maps, guidebooks, globes and map accessories is astonishing.
Culture & Customs Guides for Foreign...
Custom and culture guides give you customs, customs, hand gestures and ways to greet locals before you travel to foreign countries.
Off-the-Beaten Path Adventure Travel: Visit...
Intrepid Travel is a niche adventure travel company that focuses on taking travelers off the beaten track in Asia, and in the Antarctica. Many of their trips are cheap, because travelers stay in the same accommodations as locals do.
Extreme Adventure Travel Tests Your Limits
Extreme adventure travel choices. Seeking extreme adventures? Push your boundaries skydiving around Mt. Everest, desert trekking, kayaking on the White Nile or your choice of other extreme adventures.
Mophie Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 4S...
This rechargeable battery that looks just like any other iPhone4 or iPhone 4s case can double your phone's battery life.
How to Name Your Own Price for a Multisport...
Multisport vacations with Bonvoy Adventure Travel
Cliff Diving Is An Extreme Sport
Cliff diving - soaring off cliffs up to 80-feet high into lakes and oceans is an extreme sport, for sure. Here's where to learn more about cliff diving and see some great images of cliff divers soaring into lakes and oceans.
Multi-Sport Trips and Vacations Keep the...
Here are several companies offering multi-sport trips and vacations guaranteed to keep your adrenalin flowing.
Zicasso Travel Agents Customize Vacations for...
Zicasso matches travelers with travel agents who specialize in the custom trips to locations you want to visit, and activities you want to experience.
How to Get in Shape for Trekking Trips
How to get in shape for trekking and hiking trips, so you'll enjoy the vacation more.
Adventure Shows on the Discovery Channel Entice...
Couch potatoes will find a variety of adventure shows on the Discovery Channel. Adventurous travelers can get some tips from watching the Discovery Channel's adventure shows on TV.
A Directory of Volunteer Vacations and Projects
The GoVoluntouring Web site acts as matchmaker between travelers who want a volunteer experience and projects that need volunteers.
8 Great Excuses to Travel to Exotic Locales
8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit
Would You Rather Purchase an Adventure Travel...
Would you rather purchase a travel package or plan an adventure travel trip yourself? Here are the pros - and cons - of each approach.
7 Places to Go Glamping - Upscale and Luxury...
Glamping - camping with a touch of glamour - has taken off in the U.S., Europe and South America.
Archaeological Digs - Where to Volunteer
Archaeological Digs - Where to volunteer on a dig, and maybe find an ancient treasure.
Top 11 Picks for Dream Bicycle Trips and...
These companies offer the best bicycle trips through fascinating locales around the globe. Whether you want a biking trip in Utah's slick rock terrain or exotic Morocco, these companies have a variety of biking vacations to tempt you.
BASE Jumping - What is Base Jumping
Base jumping is an extreme sport. Base jumpers leap off buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs to glide, sometimes in a special wingsuit, then open a parachute to land safely.
Find Adventure Travel With Discovery Adventures
This tour operator is a leg of the Discovery Channel. Visit and join the local cultures you've seen on TV.
Find Private International Tour Guides
Private tour guides take you where the locals go, can help you avoid long lines at tourist attractions, and give you the best routes for adventurous hikes and bike trips.
Where to Find Travel Gear, Supplies and...
When you are looking for useful, innovative or cool travel gear, supplies and accessories, these companies offer the best choices.
Best Places to Hike & Bike to Enjoy Fall Foliage
Where you'll find the best fall foliage colors In September to mid-November. Where to use hiking boots or hop on a bike to enjoy the changing colors.
Walking the Mutianyu Part of China's Great Wall
Where to walk on the Great Wall of China near Beijing. The Mutianyu section has a cable car,chairlift and alpine slide, creating a Disney-like theme park atmosphere for people going up or back down.
Who Plans the Best Self-Guided Walking Tours in...
Self-guided walking trips in Europe
Backpack – Pacsafe VentureSafe 25L...
A roomy backpack with theftproof features to keep light-fingered thieves at bay.
Cliff Diving - Red Bull World Series Competitor...
Cliff Diving - A cliff Diver soars off high cliffs or diving boards set far higher than in a pool. Here's what top Red Bull Cliff Diving champions have to say about it in interviews with both male and female cliff divers.
6 Reasons to Visit Colombia, South America
Colombia isn't the first South American country that comes to mind when deciding where to travel, but here are six reasons you should plan a visit.
Mobile Apps With Advice for First Aid and...
Phone apps that offer medical advice fast, plus links to find the closest doctor or emergency room, alert medics you're have an emergency and can't talk, whether close to home or in a foreign country.
Romantic Getaways & Adventure Travel Make a...
Romantic Getaways. Adventure Travel. One doesn't have to exclude the other. Active and adventurous travelers will tell you that romantic getaways and adventure travel make a great couple.
Whole Journeys - A Whole New Venture From Whole...
Active foodies will like Whole Journeys, a new travel venture by Whole Foods Markets. Trips give total immersion in a destination's culinary and cultural traditions.
Las Vegas Theme Park - Run Bulldozers and...
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the only heavy equipment arena in the United States.
Soft Adventure Travel - Walking Trips with...
National Geographic Adventure . The Boss' Pitch: Why Travel With Classic Journeys? Edward Piegza, president
5 Reasons Why Adventure Travelers Should Buy...
5 reasons why adventure travelers need to purchase travel insurance when going abroad.
Adventure Travel With Geographic Expeditions
Geographic Expeditions offers adventure travel and vacations around the globe. The varied adventures are to remote and challenging destinations since 1981, offers a varied portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world's most astonishing places.
Overnight Horseback Pack Trips
On horseback pack trips you can go farther, faster than when backpacking, and the horses can carry bigger loads, so you can have steak and fresh vegetables instead of reconstituted stew.
Top 5 Picks for Scuba Diving Off the Shore
If you love to go scuba diving, but are happiest walking off the shore and sinking into the water instead of jumping off a dive boat, you'll find these islands appealing. Each one has a variety of shore dives opening up underwater coral gardens and clouds of fish.
Bog Snorkeling in Wales Is a Wacky Extreme...
The annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships in Wales draw more competitors than the bike bog Snorkeling Champions. But, in either of these bog snorkeling contests you must submerge your body into filthy, dank-smelling trenches dug out a peat bog near Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. This style of snorkeling definitely qualifies as an extreme adventure travel experience.
Heated Gloves - Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves
Review of the latest generation Zanier Heat-GX heated gloves, which have an adjustable, integrated heating system that will keep your fingers warm for a full ski day.
Need to Get a Passport, Renew One or More Visa...
Want your passport faster? Here's how to get your passport application expedited, when you need that document so critical to traveling abroad in a hurry?
Adventure Travel Trips with Austin Adventures
Looking for a company that offers personalized, reasonably priced adventure travel trips that are limited to 12 people? Here's where to learn more about adventure travel with Austin Adventures
Luggage Limits - Airline Baggage Allowances
Luggage Limits is a free search tool for flight-specific information about baggage allowances and fees. On this Web site, you simply put in airline, the name of the airport you are leaving from and your destination airport, then click.
9 Jet Boat Thrill Rides Speed You Through Rapids
Jet boat thrill rides deliver white-knuckle high speed rides through rapids. Riders thrill while doing 360s on jet-propelled boats at Niagara Falls, in other U.S. cities, New Zealand, Australia and Iceland.
Camelbak Better Bottle Is BPA-Free and...
The Camelbak Better Bottle is BPA-free and has the Camelbak patented Big Bite Valve, When the bite valve is up, you just bite slightly and sip it as if you were drinking from a straw. No need to tip it to drink and it’s spill-proof. You can unscrew the top and it’s wide enough to add ice.
Choose and Prepare for Hiking, Walking and...
Hiking, walking and trekking vacations are a lot of fun. Here are suggestions for choosing and getting ready for your trip.
Visiting Angkor's Temples and a River Village...
Images from Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and a fishing village on the river.
REI Adventures Offers Great Active Travel Trips
REI Adventures offers great active travel trips, such as canoeing on a lake here in the U.S., cycling in Vietnam, or sea kayaking and hiking in Croatia. And, these are just a few of the 90plus weekend-to-multiweek trips offered by REI Adventures, part of the REI that has more than 80 stores in the U.S. chock-full of equipment and clothing for adventure travelers.
Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS Watch
The Suunto X9i is a multifunction GPS watch that avid outdoorsmen, hikers and multi-sport enthusiasts who play in the wilderness will love. It interfaces with National Georgraphic TOPS mapping software, shows your current speed and distance, has an altimeter and thermometer, plus lots more.
After Hiking or Skiing Slip Sore Feet in...
Pakems lightweight, comfortable packable shoes. Slip them on after skiing, hiking and other active sports. Easy to put in backpacks and carry-ons.
Hike or Cross Country Ski With the Appalachian...
Appalachian Mountain Club : A one-stop source of information about hiking trails in the Northeast, places to stay on the trails, and group hiking trips.
8 Tips to Avoid Booking an Adventure Travel...
Here are eight things you don't want to do when choosing an adventure travel vacation.
8 Great Off-the-Beaten-Path Places in Europe &...
Hidden places in Russia, Mongolia, Europe and Central Asia - A travel expert's 8 best off-the-beaten places to visit. Have you heard of, or visited, any of these?
Tips for Day Hiking in the Mountains
Mountain hiking tips for day hikers who enjoy backcountry trails and trails at resorts in the Rocky Mountains.
Top 8 Father's Day Gifts for Adventurous and...
Looking for a great Father's Day gift for your dad, husband or a favorite significant other? We've got you covered in choices from pricey to inexpensive.
Bicycle Vacations in Wine Country
Find best bicycle trips through wine regions around the globe with the best bike tour operators.
Use Vonage "Time to Call" iPhone App for Cheap...
Cheap international phone calls - $1.99 for 15 minutes - with this easy to use iPhone app.
Pictures of Winter in Yellowstone -- The Park...
Winter in Yellowstone is more than Old Faithful – It is Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing and Animal Watching Too.
Women Only Adventure Travel with Call of the Wild
Currently in its fourth decade of operation, this company remains the pioneer in women’s only adventure travel. Adventure trips include easy to moderate day hikes from discovering Death Valley, to challenging treks along the Inca Trail on Machu Picchu.
Fly 200-Feet Above Water on Midwest’s...
On the largest zip lines in the Midwest you can take a hands-free guided Tour on 9 zip lines and 9 sky bridges.
Sports Conditioning Wear for Men & Women
This performance sports apparel has an exoskeleton power system that targets key areas, focuses power into your muscles, and speeds recovery. Weekend warriors and professional athletes love it.
Kayaking - An Urban-Rural Kayak Adventure in...
Kayaking on Kathe Huron River through countryside nature preserves and then right through the middle of Ann Arbor, Michigan is an adventure in rural-urban kayaking.
Guidebooks don't list all of these 5 Unique...
Hiking - Best 5 Yellowstone hikes from a person who hiked more than 300 miles while working at Yellowstone National Park.
PacSafe's Theft-Proof Travel Camera Straps...
PacSafe's theft-proof travel camera straps keep cameras and binoculars safe from 'slash-and-grab' thieves. The company has a neck strap for cameras and shoulder straps for laptops and other bags.
Great Canadian Travel Company- Polar Bears to...
Imaginative polar bear tours, trips to Iceland, Arctic, Greenland and the North Atlantic are the company's specialty.
Top 7 Places to Play Cowboy on a Working Cattle...
If you're the horseback rider who wants to play cowboy for a week vacation at a working cattle ranch or join a cattle drive.
Kuru Women’s Light Hiking Shoes
Kuru's Chicane light hiking shoes are as comfortable as bedroom slippers, and collapsible so you can easily store them in a backpack. No matter how hard I tried to mess them up by kicking wet, grungy tennis balls for my dog while in muddy woods and on trails, I couldn't.
Adventure Tours with The Northwest Passage
Adventure travel tours. Sea kayaking inn-to-inn, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, multi-sport adventures in the Galapagos Islands or Europe. Adventure travel company Northwest Passages has body- and mind-stretching trips.
Burning Man - What is the Burning Man Festival...
Burning Man is an annual event - in 2008 some 48,000 people flocked to Nevada's Black Rock desert - to create art and express their individuality.
Learning Holiday - Edventures are Fun Learning...
Learning Holiday is a gateway to all sorts of learning and educational vacations and trips. On the Learning Vacations Web site you will links to vacations and trips for adventurous travelers who like to learn and volunteer. Cultural immersions with the Maoris in Africa, whale watching in Hawaii, surfing in California and cooking classes in Peru are the merest sampling of the diverse offerings.
Best Colorado Mountain Biking Trails & Resorts
Sources for best Colorado mountain biking trails, resorts and cities, with links to maps, bike shops and more.
Backroads Adventure Travel Trips for Hiker,...
Backroads, founded in 1979, is an active travel company that offers 300 itineraries, including biking, walking/hiking, multisport, and Insider Trips, which shift the focus from physical activity to in-depth cultural explorations. Seventy-five percent of Backroads guests have traveled with Backroads before or were referred by a friend.
Hiking Around Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Hiking in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Locals' tips and hiking routes in and around Steamboat, Colorado.
The Galapagos Islands Cruise On the Erik, an...
Taking a Galapagos Islands Cruise on a solar- and wind powered boat.
Investigate Travel Medical Insurance for...
Why Travel Medical Insurance? Who will rescue you when injured on a mountainside, or hiking pr biking in a remote location? The cost of medical evacuations is astronomical.
Yellowstone National Park in the Summer
Yellowstone in the summertime is beautiful, yet rugged and so natural.
SteriPen -- Easily Purify Drinking Water
The SteriPen water purifier is great travel gear because it's lightweight and compact. Use the Steripen water purifier to sterilize water in your hotel room in a foreign country with questionable water or when drinking from streams.
Top 9 Reasons to Visit Utah Olympic Park
The Utah Olympic Park is a playground for adventurous winter travelers. If you want to zip down a bobsled run behind a world cup bobsled pilot, try skiing down one of the nordic ski jumps or take an extreme zipline ride here's the place to visit. If you simply want to learn more about the 2002 Winter Olympic Games you can take a tour while your friends test themselves in these special sporting venues.
Zip Line Adventures in Tsitsikamma, South Africa
Zipping along 10 zip lines in one trip was a wild intro to the world of zip line adventures. But that’s what you get when you take the Zip Line Adventure at Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park in South Africa. (Adrenalin junkies note: When you’ve done this, head over to Bloukrans Bridge and do the bungie jump.)
Adventure Mud Races for Kids
Adventure mud races have become family entertainment. While the adults slog through tough, muddy courses, kids have their own - age appropriate- muddy challenges.
Walk on Cartagena's Historic Walls in Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia, has historic walls you can walk on and dine while watching the sunset.
Pacsafe Anti-theft Purses and Theft Proof...
If you want to keep anything from your passport and camera to huge backpacks safe, Pacsafe has the anti-theft travel gear for you.
Alpine Adventures Zip Line and Treetop Canopy...
Alpine Adventures zip lines and treetop canopy tours show you northern New Hampshire from above. Take your choice between racing your friends as you ride dual zip lines, or taking the Treetop Canopy Tour, a six-zip line trip.
Golf Adventure - Secret Golf Course on the...
You might think cheap golf on Kauai, Hawaii, is an oxymoron, when so many courses cost $100 to $200 or more for a round. At Kukuiolono, it's just $9 for the right to play all day! (Plus $3 for a hand cart or $9 for a gas cart.) Thank Walter McByde.
Adventure Travel Companies Offering Luxury...
If you enjoy adventure travel, but want like some pampering, ranging from private guides and posh accommodations, these companies have luxury vacations that may appeal to you.
Walking Adventures Traveling With Country Walkers
Walking trips. Adventurous travelers who enjoy exploring the world on foot appreciate the trips created by this company, which specializes in walking trips.
Watch Polar Bears in Their Natural Habitat
See polar bears up close in their natural habitat on polar bear tours to Canada and Alaska.
Wife Carrying Contest Winner Wins the Wife's...
Wife Carrying Contests may have started as a joke in Finland, where supposedly a man would court a prospective wife by racing into a village, grabbing her and carrying her off. True or not, today the Wife Carrying World Championships are held in Finland, the North American Wife Carrying Championships are held at Sunday River, Maine, and there are regional contests in other states.
The Nabatean City of Avdat, Israel, is on the...
Traders carrying frankincense and myrrh followed the Incense Route, which passed through the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat. You can see the ruins of this city in Israel's Negev desert today.
Top 12 Resorts With Inbounds Backcountry Ski &...
Looking for places where you can find extreme backcountry-style skiing or snowboarding experiences but inbounds at resorts so there's avalanche control and ski patrollers around? Look no farther: Here's a list of some of the best places that expert skiers and riders love to explore.
Dive With Sharks in Denver's Downtown Aquarium
Diving with sharks in an aquarium is different than diving among sharks in open water. I've done both and confess this land-locked aquarium dive turned out to be one of my favorite dives.
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Cenotes - Cave...
In Cancun, Mexico, or neighboring Riviera Maya, scuba diving or snorkeling in cenotes - water-filled underground caves is increasingly popular with vacationers. We swam in Dos Ojos, where the fresh water was crystal clear, and with powerful spotlights it was akin to a night dive through a magical garden of thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and columns.
Companies Specializing in Family Adventure Travel
Looking for a company that offers family adventures you and your kids will love? Here are several companies that offer family adventure travel chock-full of activities just for kids, plus adventures the entire family will enjoy as a group.
10 Activities for Adrenaline Lovers Visiting...
Top 10 Adventures in New Zealand, from bungy jumping and sky diving to skiing the Tasman Glacier and swimming with dolphins.
Bicycle Touring - Self-guided Tours Let You...
Bicycle touring in Europe, the United States or elsewhere, when it's self-guided, gives you the flexibility to stop and visit with locals, linger at cafes, or take a dip when cycling alongside the sea. Pick a company that plans the bicycle tour for you.
Endurance Bike Race - Hotter'N Hell Hundred
In this endurance bike race, bicyclists ride 100 miles in 100-degree heat.
Hide Passport and Money In PacSafe Travel Safe...
PacSafe's TravelSafe is a handy item if you're staying in a hotel room
Colorado's Upscale Gateway Canyons Resort is...
The monolithic Palisade rock formation dominates the landscape at this resort, which sits in Colorado's winding red-rock canyons. It's a playyground that rivals nearby Moab, Utah, but without the crowds.
Before You Book a Cold Weather Cruise to the...
Cruises to the Antarctica on an icebreaker to see penguins and icebergs are incredible experiences. But, before you book a cruise think about if this is really the type of adventure you are seeking.
Cam Ranh Bay, site of battles during the...
Today Cam Ranh Bay, the site of battles during the Vietnam War, is a popular beach with locals and tourists. Page 3.
Smith Turbo Fan Goggles Clear the Fog
Ever have your goggles fog while skiing down a mogul run and you can no longer see the slope, or have them go white in a powder storm? Smith’s Turbo Fan Prodigy, Phenom and Knowledge OTG goggles are a blessing for people who love snowsports and sweat a lot, but even more so for people who wear glasses that constantly fog.
Find Free Language Lessons Before Heading to...
Free language lessons are a great route for learning “hello,” “goodbye,” “where’s the bathroom?” or other important phrases, whether you’re visiting towns in countries where locals have never heard English or major cities. Visit Free Language Lessons for a list of companies that offer language lessons for free.
Skydiving - A Skydive Gives You an Adrenaline...
Skydiving - Have you ever jumped out of a plane for a tandem skydive? He did and you can too.
Snorkel and Scuba Dive With Whales and Whale...
Would you like to go snorkeling or scuba diving with humpback whales or whale sharks? People who have say it's is an unforgettable and incredible experience.
Yellowstone in the Winter – Lodging in...
Yellowstone in the winter is an astonishing sight. Spend a few nights in the park, staying at the Old Faithful Snow Park Lodge or the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.
Review: 101 Tips for Women Travelers
Review of free 101 Tips for Women Travelers book filled with advice from many well-traveled women. Even experienced women (and men) travelers can pick up a travel tip or two.
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