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Zip Line & Canopy Tours and Adventures

Zip lines are sprouting as fast as foliage in the tree canopies you’ll slide through during a zipline adventure. Once, considered an exotic way to view nature from above, now days, you can find a zipline adventure (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in dozens of places around North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand and many other countries.

The Most Extreme Zip Lines in America
Zip Lines are strung among trees throughout America. If you're looking for adrenalin highs during aerial rides, just take a zip line tour. Whether you're living in or visiting Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, Alaska or dozens of the other states here in the U.S., odds are excellent there will a zip line or canopy tour within easy driving...

What is a Zip Line Adventure?
Zipline adventures let you soar from tree to tree in rain forests, across canyons and through a variety of landscapes, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the world surrounding you.

Top Zipline Tours and Adventures Around the World
Searching for the best zipline adventures (sometimes called a canopy tour) in the U.S. and around the world? These zip line adventures cover the globe. Click here to see if there's a zipline or canopy tour where you're taking your next vacation.

Zip Line Adventures in Tsitsikamma, South Africa
Zipping along 10 zip lines in one trip was a wild intro to the world of zip line adventures. But that’s what you get when you take the Zip Line Adventure at Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park in South Africa. (Adrenalin junkies note: When you’ve done this, head over to Bloukrans Bridge and do the bungie jump.)

How to Take a Zip Line Tour
Are you going to ride a zip line on your next trip? Before you start zipping, all reputable zipline tour operators will give you basic training. Here's what to expect.

Canopy Tours Let You View Nature from Above

Zip Lines at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Zip Line at Heavenly Resort, California
Heavenly Mountain Resort in California claims it has the longest zipline in the United States. During the 80-second ride, you're guaranteed spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the ski slopes you underneath as you descend.

Define Bungee Jumping
Why is bungee jumping and adrenaline rush? You tie yourelf to a rubber cord and jump off a bridge or tall structure. The cord stretches as you fall toward the earthy, and when it reaches its limit, before you hit the ground, the cord snaps back and you careen upwards.

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