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Coasteering, Surfing, Hiking or Biking on Wales' Pembrokeshire Coast
Coasteering off cliffs in Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Coasteering off cliffs in Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Visit Wales 2011
The Pembrokeshire Coast on Wales southwestern shore is a magnet for adventurous travelers who enjoy coasteering, cliff jumping, surfing on scary reef breaks and swimming in sea caves. And, that's just in the water. On land, there's hiking and biking along the 186-mile long Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, rock climbing and riding horses in the sand. If you enjoy exploring, there are more than 40 Iron Age promontory forts, Norman and Medieval castles, and towns to visit during a hike.

The Pembrokeshire coastline was rated second in National Geographic's Top Rated Coastal Destinations for good reasons. As one of the expert panelists commented: " Magnificent protected coastline from both ecological and geological perspectives."

Freshwater West and Newgate are good starting locations for adventurers. If you're a surfer, Fresh is a huge beach with large peaks along the main beach and good breaks in the smaller bays to the south. (The beach was featured in the latest Harry Potter film.)

Coasteering, scrambling up a cliff wearing a helmet, a wetsuit and life jacket, then jumping into the whitewater surf, is popular here. St. David's is the starting point for many of the coasteering trips.

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