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The Discovery Channel's 2013 Shark Week Starts August 4th


Filming Great White Sharks

Mark Rackley filming great white shark from below. As seen on SHARK INVASION.

Discovery Channel
Sharks are scary to many but amazing to see while you're scuba diving. Sharks are truly creatures that fascinate millions - even people who have never seen a live one. In 2010, for example, the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week drew almost 31 million viewers.

Definitely a cultural phenomenon, Shark Week is the Discovery Channel's most watched series! Jaw-dropping videos of confrontations with sharks, a "Shark 101" experience to learn more about the amazing creatures, and colorful images so you can see these amazing creatures up-close.

During Shark Week, audiences get hooked on learning about up-close experiences with sharks, watching videos, seeing pictures and learning more about the creatures that have been around since prehistoric times. Here's where to see videos from the 25th annual Shark Week in 2012. Here's where to get the latest information and videos about this year's Shark Week.

The videos, t-shirts, mugs and even skateboards, surfboards and Shark Week UBS Shark drives are all available in the Discovery Channel's Shark Week store.

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