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Adventure Travel - Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Water Sports

Scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports are all here. Our planet is more than 70 percent water, so there are lots of places for adventure travel in and on the water.
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How I Got a Stingray Hickey in Stingray City off Grand Cayman Island
The stingray sucked that squid right out of my hand, leaving me with a stingray hickey. It happened at Stingray City off Grand Cayman Island.

SCUBA Diving and Swimming With Dolphins in the Ocean
SCUBA dive with dolphins in the open ocean. These trained dolphins choose to swim alongside the boat then play with you underwater.

Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Trips In the World
10 best whitewater rafting trips from Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialist in the River Rafting category for last 7 years

Scuba Diving Fiji's Coral Reefs
Fiji calls itself the "Soft Coral Capital of the World" Scuba divers agree.

Fiji - Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for Scuba Divers, Families or Romance
Fiji - All-inclusive Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is for scuba divers, families (picture a private nanny for your youngster) and couples who want a romantic getaway. The 17-acre resort borders on multiple reefs of soft corals.

Swim With Dolphins at Dolphin Cove in Jamaica
"I've been kissed by a dolphin!" True, it was more like a peck on my cheek but the dolphin was gentle during this encounter.

9 Jet Boat Thrill Rides Speed You Through Rapids
Jet boat thrill rides deliver white-knuckle high speed rides through rapids. Riders thrill while doing 360s on jet-propelled boats at Niagara Falls, in other U.S. cities, New Zealand, Australia and Iceland.

Shark Diving Is an Adrenaline Rush
Diving with sharks, one shark came so close I bopped it on the nose with my gauge. We were shark diving with UNEXSO off Grand Bahama Island

Extreme Kayaker - Q&A With Ben Stookesberry
This extreme kayaker was named National Geographic's Adventure Hero of the Year in 2007. See what he has to say about first ascents worldwide and advice for other kayakers.

Parasailing - Soaring High Above the Water Towed By a Motor Boat
Parasailing - Getting a bird's-eye view of beaches while soaring overhead, as you are harnessed to a parasail and being towed by a motor boat.

Beach Vacation Destinations Adventure Travelers Will Love
Top beach vacation destinations for adventurous travelers stretch around the world. I culled this list from suggestions offered by beach lovers who travel, adventure travel companies and beach destinations around the globe.

Coasteering Involves Climbing Up a Cliff & Jumping Into Water
Coasteering is an adventurous sport that involves climbing up rocky cliffsides then leaping into the ocean. Watch this video.

Explore Underground at Xplor Adventures in Rivera Maya, Mexico
Do you know what lies beneath your feet? At Xplore in Mexico's Riviera Maya, there's an entire world of underground adventures including swimming and rafting in underground rivers. Above the earth's crust, there's a network of zipines that looks like freeways in the sky, and a three-mile track where you can drive an amphibious buggy through the...

Pictures of Adventure Travel Destinations
Pictures, Images and Photos of Adventure Travel Destinations. Adventure travelers love these locales. Can you picture yourself in these settings?

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Cenotes - Caves -in Riviera Ma…
In Cancun, Mexico, or neighboring Riviera Maya, scuba diving or snorkeling in cenotes - water-filled underground caves is increasingly popular with vacationers. We swam in Dos Ojos, where the fresh water was crystal clear, and with powerful spotlights it was akin to a night dive through a magical garden of thousands of stalactites, stalagmites...

Free Web Guide to Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling and Othe…
WaterplayUSA.com is a free Web directory where you can find water sports and water-related activities around the country.

Snorkel and Scuba Dive With Whales and Whale Sharks
You float quietly, until the whale senses you are there and swims toward you. Or, you're snorkeling and suddenly a whale shark, one of the world's biggest fishes, rises from below to eye you. Either way, it's an experience to cherish and remember. Several companies around the world offer these special experiences. In Mexico, you can swim with the whale sharks (massive but not aggressive as ot…

Kayaking - An Urban-Rural Kayak Adventure in Michigan
Kayaking on the Huron River through countryside nature preserves and then right through the middle of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an adventure in rural-urban kayaking.

Find the Best Whitewater River Rafting Trips at Rafting America
A one-stop source for whitewater rafting trips. Rafting America is a gateway Web site to 20 popular companies that offer river rafting trips in the United States, Canad and South America.

Bog Snorkeling in Wales Is a Wacky Extreme Adventure
The annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships in Wales draws more competitors than the Bike Bog Snorkeling Championship. But, in either of these bog snorkeling contests you must submerge your body into filthy, dank-smelling trenches dug out a peat bog near Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. This style of snorkeling definitely qualifies as an extreme...

What is Cliff Diving
Cliff Diving: Diving into the water from a steep cliff. This is a risky sport that should only be done by divers trained to soar from extreme heights.

Cliff Diving Is An Extreme Sport
Cliff diving - soaring off cliffs up to 80-feet high into lakes and oceans is an extreme sport, for sure. Here's where to learn more about cliff diving and see some great images of cliff divers soaring into lakes and oceans.

Scuba Diving Treasure Hunters Can Dive the Atocha Trail with Mel Fisher
Would you like the chance to go home with up to $2,500 of treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish galleon that sank off Key West, Florida, during a hurricane in 1622? Mel Fisher’s Treasures is offering a limited number of scuba diving treasure hunters the opportunity to spend a week learning about treasure hunting and diving for treasure at the site of the Atocha.

Rafting Colorado Whitewater and Calmer River Sections
Rafting in Colorado means adrenaline thrills on wild whitewater rapids or soothing rides on calm river stretches. Here's where to find both.

A Surf School in Costa Rica for Women: Pura Vida Adventures
Looking for a surf school in Costa Rica? Pura Vida Adventures offers surf camps and yoga retreats primarily for women. The week-long surf schools offers individually designed surfing instruction. Surfers stay in beachfront villas.

Where to Go Scuba Diving in Aquariums
Nose-to-nose with a 250-pound grouper, the scuba diver waves at the crowd on the far side of the glass in the aquarium. Did you know aquarium scuba diving - and snorkeling with fish - is offered at more than 10 aquariums in the U.S., as well as in other countries? At some aquariums scuba diving programs require that you be a certified diver...

Photos of Molokai - An unspoiled island for adventurous travelers
These images will show you what awaits adventure travelers on Molokai, Hawaii, where there's lots of terrain for hiking, biking, and swimming in waterfall-fed pools. Take a mule ride or hike down the steep almost 1,800-foot hight cliffside to Kalaupapa National Historic Park, for a tour of the former leper colony.

Scuba Diving Off the Shore
If you love to go scuba diving, but are happiest walking off the shore and sinking into the water instead of jumping off a dive boat, you'll find these islands appealing. Each one has a variety of shore dives opening up underwater coral gardens and clouds of fish.

Riverboarding –An Extreme Whitewater Ride
Surfing through class 4 or 5 rapids lying face down on a riverboard makes rafting look tame. Riverboarding is definately an extreme whitewater experience.

Scuba Diving Off the Shore of Lady Elliot Island
Just walk off the shore of Lady Elliot Island, a coral cay at the southern end of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and you can scuba dive among schools of fish, look into the mouth of giant clams and join the parade of fish in the coral canyons.

Shore Dives and Offshore Dives in the Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands are one of the premier dive locations in the Caribbean because the seabed falls away in a series of walls close to the shore.

Scuba Diving in Colombia in the Caribbean or the Pacific
Scuba Diving in Colombia, you choose from coral reefs in a UNESCO Biosphere in the Caribbean, or humpback whales and more in the Pacific.

Scotland - Sea Kayaking Around Scotland's Islands
Sea kayaking in Scotland can mean paddling along the mainland's coastline or in inlets surrounding Scotland's islands, such as Arran and Skye (where they make wonderful whisky). As you paddle, you may see otters or seals splashing in the water, listen to the chatter of marine birds overhead, and even pass the ruins of abbeys and castles. Here's where to find trips.

Scuba Diving Off the Shore of Bonaire
Bonaire, one of the ABC islands in the southwestern Caribbean, is the tip of a submerged mountain whose flanks are lined with coral reefs. There are 86 marked sites where you can just walk offshore and start your dive.

Scuba Diving Off the Shore of Curacao
On Curacao, one of the ABC islands that are surrounded by reefs, you just have to walk offshore and swim a few minutes to see colorful coral. There are more than 60 marked sites on this island in the southwestern Caribbean.

How to Start Scuba Diving
Scuba diving through gardens of colorful coral surrounded by a cloud of fish is like touring an underwater art museum. But before you start scuba diving past coral walls 90-feet deep, or with dolphins or sharks, there's a lot you need to learn.

Island Expeditions With Seacology
Seacology’s island expeditions are “win-win” for travelers and local communities. Scuba divers, especially, are vying to join the island expeditions, but armchair travelers can go there too via travel dispatches and photos on the Seacology website.

Watch Emperor Penguins Care for Their Fluffy Chicks
The new movie, "Happy Feet," danced its way to box-office records. And, did you see the "March of the Penguins" movie that focuses on how Emperor penguins survive in their hostile environment? Take a Quark Expeditions' Snow Hill Island Safari and you can watch Emperor penguins care for their fluffy chicks.

Drifting on an Inner Tube Down a Lazy River in Jamaica
River tubing on the White River in Jamaica is popular with vacationers. This company icks you up at your hotel and takes you into Jamaica's high country for a day.

View Shark Attacks, Confrontations & Swimming With Sharks
Sharks are scary to many, amazing to see while you're scuba diving, and truly creatures that fascinate millions. Last year, for example, the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week drew almost 31 million viewers.

Jamaica - All-inclusive Breezes Runaway Bay Resort and Golf Club
Best all-inclusive resort in Jamaica if you like to scuba dive and play golf. Unlimited amounts of both activities are included.

Top Tips for Whitewater Rafting Trips
Top whitewater rafting tips from Condé Nast Traveler's Top Travel Specialist in the River Rafting category for seven consecutive years (2007-2013).

Rio Secreto Caves: Riviera Maya, Cancun Tourist Attraction

Adventure Travel in Riviera Maya and Cancun, Mexico
Vacationing in Riviera Maya or Cancun on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, you can dive or snorkel in cenotes, swim or raft in underground rivers, steer ATVs or amphibious buggies in the jungles and ride lots of zip lines.

Explore Fiji's Rivers and Coastlines in a Kayak
Fiji - Sea kayaking and river kayaking are offered on several of Fiji's islands. Day trips and multi-day trips with snorkeling and diving.

Scuba Diving - How is Soft Coral Different Than Hard Coral?
Scuba diving in Fiji you can see soft coral. It's different than the hard coral that makes up many reefs.

Multisport Trips in Latin America
Multisport vacations in Latin America. Hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling and other adventures in Costa Rica to Chile.

Iceland Adventure Trips
Iceland for scuba diving or snorkeling in warm water between two continents.

9 Best Hot Springs For Instant Relaxation
Hot springs - Where to soak in hot springs clothed or nude.

Explore Waterways of the World With This Adventurer
Expeditions on waterways around the globe led by Brett Rodgers, who uses on natural and human power.

Brett Rogers Travels the World's Waterways
Brett Rogers, a member of the Explorers Club, has traveled thousands of miles on rivers around the world without using a tank of gas.

Whitewater Rafting in the U.S. With Western River Expeditions
Go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon or Cataract Canyon, or float on the Green River and the Salmon River with Western River Expeditions

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