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Watch Mount Everest Through Cameras as Sherpas Climb

The Discovery Channel Offers a Unique View of the World's Highest Mountain


The Sherpa Cam videos have been taking off the Discovery Channel site. There are still videos of Mount Everest climbs.

On the Discovery Channel's website you can climb Mount Everest via sherpas' cameras without leaving your warm home. The trip is astonishing and takes you far beyond the still-photo views of climbing a mountain. You may even get vertigo as Phura climbs a ladder pinned to the mountainside, or watching through Karsang's cam as his head moves around while climbing over huge boulders on a steep face.

The View of Mount Everest is Dizzying

Three sherpas are carrying cams on their helmets so you see the daunting challenges that face climbers on Mount Everest from many viewpoints. The videos are synched so you can watch what each is doing during the same time span. (These are videos from a climb earlier in 2006.)

Discovery Channel's "Everest Beyond the Limit"

The Discovery Channel has several pages with videos Mount Everest.

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