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Treetop and Sky High Adventures

The route you choose depends upon your sense of adventure. You could stroll on canopy walkways 100 feet above the ground, hook yourself to a zip line and slide from one treetop to the next, or float overhead in a hot air balloon. Want to go even higher? Why not try sky diving, parasailing or pilot a fighter plane ride? Here's how to find these adventures and other experiences high in the sky.

Parahawking - A Unique Combination of Paragliding and Falconry
Parahawking - Birds of prey guide you while tandem paragliding in Spain and Nepal. Is it falconry or paragliding?

BASE Jumping - What is Base Jumping
Base jumping is an extreme sport. Base jumpers leap off buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs to glide, sometimes in a special wingsuit, then open a parachute to land safely.

Extreme Sports - Base Jumping Birdmen in West Virginia,Switzerland & Norway
"Extreme sports" takes on new meaning when you watch the CBS 60 Minutes segment on "Taking Flight with Birdmen." These extreme adventurers don "birdmen" suits then jump off some of Norway's highest cliffs. During the first few seconds of free fall the suits fill with air, then the birdman soars at up to 140 miles per hour. Here's where to see a...

Fly Jets - Take a Supersonic Jet Ride of Cape Town, South Africa
If you’ve ever had the urge to touch space, grab a seat on the world's last serviceable English Electric Lightning jet and you’ll fly at almost 1 ½ times the speed of sound. If you don’t want to fly 50,000 feet high, how about handling the controls of an air-to-air combat jet, or being the navigator in a nuclear strike attack bomber?

What is a Zip Line and Zipline Tour
Zip Line: A zip line consists of a cable stretched between two points at different elevations. On zip line tours, which are very popular, you wear a harness (like a big diaper) that is hooked onto a pulley, which is hooked onto the cable. Step off the platform on the first point and gravity will "zip" you along to the other platform.

Paragliding is a Soaring in the Sky Using an Inflatable Wing
Paragliding - Soaring through the sky on a paraglider is a foot-launched, non-motorized type of flying.

Bungee Jumping is a Leap of Faith for Adrenaline Rushes
Where to take a bungee jumping leap of faith for adrenaline rushes here in the states, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Mimic Amazing Race teams on a zip line tour in Thailand
Contestants in Amazing Race Asia 3 flew along the Flight of the Gibbon ziplines in Thailand and you can, too. You’ll go from one zip line to another during this canopy tour through a rainforest near Chiang Mai

Top Zipline Adventures - Find Canopy and Zip Line Tours
Once, considered an exotic way to view nature from above, now days, you can find a zipline adventure (sometimes called a canopy tour) in dozens of places around North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand and many other countries. Click here to see if there's a zipline or canopy tour where you're taking your next vacation.

Define Skydiving: Jumping Out of a Plane With a Parachute
What is skydiving? Skydiving is wearing a parachute as you jump out of a flying plane, and maybe performing aerial maneuvers before deploying a parachute to land.

Zipline -- The Zipline at Heavenly in California Overlooks Lake Tahoe,
Heavenly Mountain Resort in California claims it has the longest zipline in the United States. During the 80-second ride, you're guaranteed spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the ski slopes you underneath as you descend.

Even Couch Potatoes Can Play 'Experience Everest: The Razor’s Edge'
If you want to get the sense of climbing Mount Everest – and turn it into a competition with friends, check out 'Experience Everest: The Razor’s Edge,' an interactive game for solo or multiple players. It’s more fun than Monopoly and doesn’t involve zapping down aliens on a video screen

Climb Your Heart Out In Glacier Country
Here's an insider's guide to rock and ice climbing in Montana's Glacier Country

Start Rock Climbing --Enjoy the Natural Highs
Rock and ice climbing create new highs - Here's where to learn. Learning how to climb safely is key to the adventure.

Take a Zipline Tour
Are you going to ride a zip line on your next trip? Before you start zipping, all reputable zipline tour operators will give you basic training. Here's what to expect.

Take a Zip Line Tour in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Summer or winter, you can take a zipline Tour in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It's a nice break from skiing at the resort with North America's longest vertical, or after a day of hiking or playing golf.

Sherpas Cams On Mount Everest Take You On the Climb
If you want to see exactly what climbers on Mount Everest face watch through cams that sherpas have attached to their helmets while climbing Mount Everest.

Extreme Base Jumpers and Rappellers Love Bridge Day
On Bridge Day in Fayetteville County, WV, base jumpers leap off the New River Gorge Bridge legally, and rappellers zip down their lines toward the water below. It's a spectacular spectator event.

You Don't Need Lengthy (If Any) Training for These Sky High Adventures
Here are seven entertaining ways to view the earth from up high.

Take the Stick and Fly a Biplane
Ease gently into that acrobatic roll as you fly the Pitts S-2C biplane.

Helicopter Scenic Trips
Hovering overhead in a helicopter ensures unique views.

The Sky is Filled With Color During Hot Air Balloon Festivals
When hundreds of hot air balloons rise en masse at a balloon festival, it's among the most colorful events on earth.

Canopy Tours Let You View Nature from Above
Canopy tours are on walkways or zip lines that are 90 feet or more above the jungle floor and strung between two trees.

Top 10 Types of Adventure Travel
Exploring any of these types of adventure travel will enrich your life, and the pictures from your trip will fill a scrapbook with lasting images. From scuba diving to mushing huskies, these examples of unforgettable adventure travel will open new worlds to you.

Zipline Tours Year-round on SkyRider Adventure in New York
Zipline Tours - Zipline Tours Year-round on the SkyRider Adventure in New York

Fly Fighter Planes - Pilot a Fighter Plane for a Day
You don't have to be an accomplished pilot to fly a fighter plane. That is, if you want to pilot a fighter plane for a few hours, with a qualified pilot ready to grab the cockpit controls at any time. Here's where to go.

The Most Extreme Zip Lines in America
Zip Lines are strung among trees throughout America. If you're looking for adrenalin highs during aerial rides, just take a zip line tour. Whether you're living in or visiting Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, Alaska or dozens of the other states here in the U.S., odds are excellent there will a zip line or canopy tour within easy driving...

Fly 200-Feet Above Water on Midwest’s Largest Zip Line Canopy Tour
On the largest zip lines in the Midwest you can take a hands-free guided Tour on 9 zip lines and 9 sky bridges.

Skydiving - A Skydive Gives You an Adrenaline Rush

Archeological Digs - Where to Volunteer
Archeological Digs - Where to volunteer on a dig, and maybe find an ancient treasure.

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