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Buy Adventure Travel Insurance When Regular Travel Insurance Isn't Enough

Regular travel insurance policies may not cover adventure activities and sports


Do you need to buy adventure travel insurance?

If you are a vacationer who loves adventure travel, do you know if your travel insurance policy covers sky diving, camel riding, hot air ballooning or the types of activities you enjoy? Many regular travel insurance policies do not cover adventurous activities, but a growing number of insurance companies are offering adventure travel insurance for people like you. Some companies focusing on adventure travel trips offer travel insurance policies that includes adventurous activities and experiences.

Do I Need a New Adventure Travel Insurance Policy or a Supplemental Policy?

First, check your medical and life insurance policies for exclusions. See if there are any exclusion clauses for the types of sports or activities you are going to do during your adventure travel trip. If these sports or activities are not covered, ask if there's supplemental insurance available or buy an adventure travel insurance policy that includes these activities.

Here are links to companies that offer travel insurance, with options for adventurous travelers.

Travel Guard Adventure Travel Insurance

We bought travel insurance from Travel Guard for several major adventure travel trips. Turns out we didn't use the insurance during our trip to the Galapagos Islands. But after spending an extra week in Scotland, courtesy of the eruption of the volcano in Iceland last spring, a portion of the extra travel expenses was covered. I also used the insurance when I got sick during our trip to Peru, a few years ago, and had to see a doc. When I sent the bills (which cost more than the money we had paid for the insurance) to Travel Guard after returning home, they paid immediately.

Travel Guard offers many plans, including an Adventure Travel insurance plan that includes participation in activities ranging from motor sports and mountain climbing to bungee jumping and hot air ballooning. This plan has a 24/7 Adventure Traveler's Hotline, with weather reports, travel advisories, locations of nearby gear shops, guides and much more. For more information visit Free Travel Insurance Quotes from Travel Guard, or call 800-826-1300.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance is another choice. Allianz is the travel insurance brand of Allianz Global Assistance, a global provider of travel insurance and assistance, with offices in 28 countries.


Travel insurance policies that cover a variety of adventure travel activities and experiences around the world. The policies are available to people in more than 150 countries, covering activities ranging from skiing and snowboarding to camel riding, skydiving and whitewater kayaking.

Adventure Advocates

Adventure Advocates in a non-profit group that encourages active lifestyles. A supplemental (to your regular healthcare insurance) to cover accidents during active travel and sports is available to members.

Access America

Access America offers a variety of travel insurance plans. On the website, you may find plans that reflect cancellation policies for current events, such as H1N1 or even job loss.

On Call International

On Call International specializes in worldwide medical evacuations, medical assistance, and security services, whether you travel for vacation, school or business.

MedJet Assist

MedJet Assist insurance offers medical evacuations from hospital virtually anywhere in the world to the hospital of your preference.

Trek America

Trek America has travel insurance policies designed for their adventurous tours.

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