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Popular Adventure Travel Types

Some folks believe adventure travel is pushing one's physical boundaries. Others describe adventurous travel as stretching their mental boundaries. Here are several of the most popular types of adventure travel in both categories.

Bicycle Vacations in Wine Country
Find best bicycle trips through wine regions around the globe with the best bike tour operators.

Dive With Sharks in Denver's Downtown Aquarium
Diving with sharks in an aquarium is different than diving among sharks in open water. I've done both and confess this land-locked aquarium dive turned out to be one of my favorite dives.

7 Places to Go Glamping - Upscale and Luxury Camping
Glamping - camping with a touch of glamour - has taken off in the U.S., Europe and South America.

Romantic Getaways for People Who Like Adventure Travel
Romantic Getaways. Adventure Travel. One doesn't have to exclude the other. Active and adventurous travelers will tell you that romantic getaways and adventure travel make a great couple. Whether you want a special place for a Valentine's Day getaway, or an any-time-of-year romantic getaway, blending activities such as hot air ballooning,...

Multi-Sport Trips Keep the Adrenalin Pumped Up
Here are several companies offering multi-sport trips guaranteed to keep your adrenalin flowing.

Resorts & Regions in the U.S. for Adventure Travel
These resorts and regions in North America and around the world are wonderful places to explore, whether you want to stretch your body or your mind.

Extreme Sports Videos - Extreme Action Videos
Videos of extreme sports on snow, in the sky, on water, on bikes and more leave you breathless. A new video pops up daily.

Where to Find Adventure Travel Experiences in Hawaii
Hawaii is filled with adventure travel experiences. Here's where to find the best adventure travel outings in the Hawaiian Islands.

Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing
Mountaineering encompasses the sports of rock climbing, ice climbing, trekking and scaling the world’s tallest mountains. Here you’ll find links to different types of, and sources for mountaineering, rock climbing and ice climbing.

Adventure Travel -- Explore 10 Types of Adventure Travel
Check out these ten unforgettable types of adventure travel. These adventurous travel experiences range from scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hot air ballooning over a desert in New Mexico to kayaking with the kids in the Pacific ocean by Vancouver, Canada.

Fly Through the Trees on Ziplines and Canopy Tours

8 Photography Tours & Lots of Workshops Around the World
Photography tours and photo workshops where travelers can enhance photo skills and see the world.

"Glamping" Blends Camping and Luxury
Glamping combines camping and glamour. Enjoy luxury vacations around the world.

Inbounds Backcountry Experiences for Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding
Looking for places where you can find extreme backcountry-style skiing or snowboarding experiences but inbounds at resorts so there's avalanche control and ski patrollers around? Look no farther: Here's a list of some of the best places that expert skiers and riders love to explore.

Top Natural and Wildlife Adventure Travel Trips
Nature and wildlife adventure travel trips are growing in popularity. Would you like to dive with tiger sharks, watch wildebeest thunder across the Serengeti-Masa during the annual animal migration in Africa or track wolves with your camera in Yellowstone National Park. Here's a selection of exciting natural and wildlife adventure travel trips...

Start Rock Climbing --Enjoy the Natural Highs
Rock and ice climbing create new highs - Here's where to learn. Learning how to climb safely is key to the adventure.

River Rafting -- Where to Find the Best River Rafting Trips
River rafting is a lot of fun. Whitewater river rafting offers thrills, chills, and even an occasional spill. You'll find great river rafting rides in water from Alaska and Colorado to Peru and Fiji. While the wildest rides on many rivers are in the springtime, you can find float trips throughout the summer and early fall, and trips through stronger rapids on rivers that have dam-release water. T…

Looking at a Decade of Adventure Travel - 2000-2009 Adventure Travel Trends
Here are the top adventure travel trends for the first decade in this 21st century 2000-2009. Eco-travel, volunteer tourism, luxury adventure travel and learning vacations are just a few of the ones that travelers chose between 2000 and 2009. Do you agree with these trends or am I missing some? Read the list and let me know?

VolunTourism - Top Sources for Finding Volunteer Travel and Vacations
These Web sites and companies are the best sources for travelers who want to find and book volunteer travel, service-based travel, or a vacation with a volunteer components

Would You Like to Operate a Steam Engine?
If driving things - from motorcycles to race cars - gives you a thrill, here's where you can be an engineer and pull out the throttle on 100-tons of steam locomotive. The Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark has an outreach program, which lets you spend a day training then actually operating a steam locomotive on track that parallels U.S. Highway 50, nicknamed the "Loneliest Road".

Top Summer Adventure Travel Trips
These summer adventure travel trips and vacations will introduce you to new adventures and exciting locales around the world. You can watch polar bears romp in flower-strewn tundra and see beluga whales on the same trip to Churchill, Canada, or you can go lodge-to-hut hiking on the Appalachian Trail in the Northeast. Would you rather tour...

Best Bike Trips On the Planet
Top picks for dream bicycle trips and adventures.

Best Places to Hike & Bike to Enjoy Fall Foliage

Only Mother Nature knows the exact dates to enjoy the fall foliage colors while hiking or biking, because how quickly leaves change color depends upon temperatures and moisture. In September to mid-November, there's bound to be a place in North America where you can put on your hiking boots or hop on your bike and enjoy the changing colors.

ATV Rides - Take an ATV Ride at Snowbird, in a Canyon Near Salt Lake City, Utah
How about straddling an ATV and exploring the top of Snowbird in Utah? After ski season the High Country Exploring outfitters (, 877-577-7877)...

Adventure Travel Trends in 2010
2010 saw a number of exciting adventure travel trends. Here they are, and here's how you can take advantage of them for savings and extra value when booking adventure travel trips in 2011. Some of the trends include engaging with local people and cultures, using eco-lodges as a base for adventures, and visiting exotic countries such as Turkey,...

Riding Offroad in ATVs
Riding offroad in an ATV responsibly takes you to wonderful outdoor settings.

Active Urban Adventures for City Dwellers
Active urban adventures for adrenalin highs.

Find Camel Treks Around the Globe
Riding on a camel's back is a novel way to see your surroundings. Find camel treks and rides in Israel, Morocco, India and even the United States.

10 Adrenaline Adventures

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