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Horseback Riding & Cattle Drives at Vista Verde Guest Ranch in Colorado


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Bringing horses from the pasture to the barn at Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado

Bringing horses from the pasture to the barn at Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado

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The ground is frosted when wranglers ride up the far meadow and bring the herd of horses back down to the barn. First you see a few horses running down a slope in the distance. Then dozens race into the wide-open meadow and start frolicking, dancing around each other and playing to get rid of excess energy after a restful night. Finally, they gallop through the open gate and race to the corral.

It's the reverse of the late afternoon runs, when the ground-jolting thunder of more than 70 horses racing by the main lodge on their way to the pasture attracts a crowd. As the herd gallops back through the gate and into a meadow, both led and surrounded by wranglers, guests return to their cabins to get ready for the evening.

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