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Dude Ranches, Cattle Drives and Trail Trips Await Adventurous Riders

Whether you're an experienced horseback rider or you've never been on a horse before, there's a horseback riding adventure waiting for you. Are you looking for a dude ranch for you and the kids, a luxurious lodge for morning rides and afternoons in a spa? Want to play like Billy Crystal in City Slickers and go on a cattle drive or take a wagon-train journey? Here's how to find these experiences.

Horseback Riding & Cattle Drives at Vista Verde Guest Ranch in Colorado
This luxury guest ranch in Colorado offers horseback riding, cattle drives, hiking, mountain biking and gourmet dinners in the evening.

Horseback Riding Vacations - Travel With Equitrekking
Travel to horseback riding vacations where you can ride on beaches, the Silk Road and African plains alongside giraffes.

Taking a Cattle Drive Vacation & Horseback Riding in Colorado

Horseback Riding in Colorado's San Juan Mountains Near Telluride
Horseback riding in the San Juan mountains around Telluride, Colorado, the 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and the wildflowers in the meadows ensure a memorable ride.

Overnight Horseback Pack Trips
On horseback pack trips you can go farther, faster than when backpacking, and the horses can carry bigger loads, so you can have steak and fresh vegetables instead of reconstituted stew.

Horseback Riding -- Choosing and Prepping for a Dude Ranch Vacation
Dude ranch vacations are an exciting escape from an urban lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing and prepping for a dude ranch vacation.

Horseback Riding -- Choose an Outfitter for a Riding Trip
How to choose the best outfitter for the type of horseback riding trip or vacation you want to take.

Horseback Riding -- Be a Cowboy on a Cattle Ranch or Cattle Drive
If you're the horseback rider who wants to play cowboy for a week, why not take a vacation at a working cattle ranch or join a cattle drive.

Horseback Riding -- Where to Find Riding Trips
These companies and Wild West regions offer a variety of horseback riding vacations and cattle roundup trips.

On Llama Pack Trips You Hike and Sure-footed Animals Carry Gear
You hike or walk with a light day pack on llama pack trips because these sure-footed animals carry the gear. A range of trips - from two-hours to several days - include easy hiking, strenuous treks and family-friendly excursions.

Horseback Riding - Dude and Guest Ranch Vacations
Many travelers enjoy horseback riding but want other activities, such as fly fishing, hiking and spa treatments, too. Here are some dude and guest ranches that offer horseback riding and much more. Some also prefer more luxurious setting than a rustic cabin after a day on the trail.

Traditional Dude Ranches for Hands-On Horseback Riding Vacations
These six traditional dude ranches all offer "hands on" horseback riding experiences, are family friendly and each one is set in a fairly remote location.

Horseback Riding -- Gateways to Finding Dude and Guest Ranches
Ranchweb.com and EveryDudeRanch.com are Websites that specialize in horseback riding and dude ranch vacations.

Horseback Riding -- Places to Find Dude and Guest Ranches
Between these two organizations, you can learn more about hundreds of dude ranches in North America where you can go horseback riding.

Romantic Getaways and Adventure Travel Make a Great Couple
Romantic Getaways. Adventure Travel. One doesn't have to exclude the other. Active and adventurous travelers will tell you that romantic getaways and adventure travel make a great couple. Whether you want a special place for a Valentine's Day getaway, or an any-time-of-year romantic getaway, blending activities such as hot air ballooning,...

Agri-tourism - Vacation on the Sheep Ranch Featured on Dirtiest Jobs
Agri-tourism - working on the sheep ranch featured in the Dirtiest Jobs television program. Or, hide away in a sheepherder's wagon for a temporary escape from city life.

Could You Compete in the Hunger Games?
Dude ranches and guest ranches where you can learn archery and survival tips to rival Katniss Everdeen's skills in the Hunger Games.

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