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Best Hiking & Mountain Biking in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona

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Hiking to Tom's Thumb, Scottsdale

Hiking to Tom's Thumb, Scottsdale

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Here are some excellent sources to find the best hiking trails and mountain biking trails in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. If you're visiting Phoenix or Scottsdale, you won't have to go far to enjoy a few hours, or a full day of outdoor activity. Some of the best hikes and some great mountain biking trails are within the Phoenix and Scottsdale city limits. In this region, sun screen, bug repellent and lots of water all a must.

Hike Arizona

This catch-all site list hiking trails, has a community where you can exchange trail info, a section where people can add photos of hikes, and a lot more. You can search for hikes by names, forests, communities, zip codes and other routes. When you get into some of the trip logs, there are hike descriptions, trail heads and the altitude where you'll be climbing. The day I was on the site, I saw updates on first in Arizona, and maps that indicated the fire zones, so you know which trails not to use. Visit Hike Arizona and start exploring.

Arizona Trail

The 800-mile Arizona Trail stretches from the border with Mexico all the way to the edge of Utah. Along the way,you'll find sections that include prehistoric sites and geologic wonders to remote wilderness areas and trails in Grand Canyon National Park. You don't have to walk or bike the entire length, just choose the portions that most appeal to you on this designated National Scenic Trail. You can pick from mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, forests, wilderness areas, historic sites, trail systems and points of significant interest.

The trail is open to hikers, runners, backpackers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and people hiking with mule and llama packers. In the wintertime, you'll see cross country skiers.Visit mile Arizona Trail for detailed descriptions about the varied sections of the trail.

Every Trail

Every Trail has specific routes on many of the most popular hiking trails in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale. On Every Trail you'll find user reviews, tips and even mobile downloads. With the EveryTrail mobil apps (for iPhone and for Android), you can get and create gps-enabled travel guides. You can map your trail route as you walk, add photos and videos to your map instantly, share trips via phone, and find and follow trips from other travelers.

Reviews of Hiking Trails on Yelp

Yelp is a review site where anyone can chime in and lots of people have given their opinions on hikes in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Reviews range from Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak to Temple Butte and Hole in the Rock. For their opinions, visit hiking trails-Scottsdale.


TrailLink.com, which has information on more than 19,000 miles of bike trails, walking trails, equestrian trails, and hiking and running trails around the country, has several listed in the Phoenix and Scottsdale region. Register on the site, you'll be able to share photos, reviews and GPS data with others. Visit TrailLink.com.

Phoenix Parks

When we stopped at the ranger station at North Mountain Park in Phoenix, we were told that due to budget constraints all the maps were now online and no longer being printed. So, plan on going online for trails and other hiking information before out. Here's where to get information about Phoenix parks.

Hiking With Arizona Outdoor Adventures

Arizona Outback Adventures is a multi-faced company, with guides who really know the terrain, the eco-system and the right trails for one's hiking capabilities. Hiking is just a part of what AOA offers. With this company, you can combine a hike and kayaking down the Salt River, or hiking and mountain biking during one-day trips. The company also offers hiking, biking and multi-sport multi-day trips. To see a list of the trips, visit Arizona Outback Adventures.

Find More Adventures in Arizona

360 Adventures offers hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoneering and other adventures in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, in Sedona, and in other regions in Arizona.

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