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Make Trip Planning a Family Activity


Involving your kids in planning an adventurous trip will make preparations for and the actual vacation more fun. They'll never be able to say disparagingly to their friends "This trip was my parents'idea."
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: A few hours

Here's How:

  1. Brainstorm

    Hold a brainstorming session. Let each child describe his or her version of an adventurous family trip then add your own vision. Perhaps they'll want to visit a region they saw in a movie. Or, try a sport that one of their friends raved about. Pull out the common denominators, such as hiking, rafting or horseback riding. Let your kids know up front which ideas have to be discarded because there's not enough time for such a trip or if it won't fit your travel budget

  2. Collect Information Together

    Let the kids help gather information about trips that include these activities. Together, use Web search engines to learn more about these activities, locales where you can enjoy them and tour operators who focus on your interests. Interested in visiting a certain locale? Let older kids contact local chambers of commerce or a country's national tourism authority for information.

  3. Share Trip Preparations

    Once you've collected the information hold an informal meeting during a family dinner to decide where you will actually go. Draw the kids into finalizing plans by letting each one be responsible for an aspect of the trip, whether it's having the younger kids plan snacks to bring along or encouraging teens to research any special experiences for their age group.

  4. More Tips for Choosing a Trip

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