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Adventure Travel - Family Vacations & Trips

Taking the family on an adventure travel vacation is an exciting way to strengthen family bonds. You could take the family rafting, hiking or biking in the U.S. or traveling overseas. Here are some basics for planning a family adventure travel trip, experiences other families love and where to find reputable companies who offer these vacations.

Family Vacation Packages - 9 Ideas for Summer Adventure Tours
Summer family vacation packages, ideas and adventures for 2013.

Tips and Sources for Great Family Adventure Travel Vacations
Adventure travel family vacations should be getaways when family members bond while having a fun time. Here are sources for finding great family vacations and adventurous family trips, tips for planning family trips, and companies that offer great affordable family vacations and trips.

Companies Specializing in Family Adventure Travel
Looking for a company that offers family adventures you and your kids will love? Here are several companies that offer family adventure travel chock-full of activities just for kids, plus adventures the entire family will enjoy as a group. Once you click on these websites, look for links to the family trips.

8 Winter Adventure for Families
Family winter adventure trips in the great outdoors.

Popular Family Vacations Chock-full of Adventure Travel
These adventure travel companies offer entertaining family vacations that are so popular these trips are repeated almost yearly. Whether you want to take the kids on a family beach vacation, an overseas trip, an all inclusive family vacation, an affordable trip or a luxury experience, you'll find a trip to entertain everyone here. The...

Fiji - Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for Scuba Divers, Families or Romance
Fiji - All-inclusive Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is for scuba divers, families (picture a private nanny for your youngster) and couples who want a romantic getaway. The 17-acre resort borders on multiple reefs of soft corals.

Canadian Mountain Holidays Heliski and Heli Hike Trips
If heli-skiing or heli-hiking are on your adventure-travel radar, check out the variety of trips offered by Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). In the winter this company offers heli-ski for advanced intermediates to expert skiers and snowboarders. In the summer, the heli-hiking trips for novices to experienced hikers and for families. CMH also has mountaineering trips.

10 Summer Family Vacations to Cool Mountain Resorts
When temperatures climb in the city, beat the urban heat with these 10 family vacations at mountain resorts.

Travel With Thomson Family Adventures
This family-owned company focuses solely on vacations for families, multigenerational groups and parents traveling with teens.

Five Fantastic Family Vacations
Taking the kids on a family trip ensures memories you can talk about around a dinner table. Here's a selection from around the world.

Choose and Prepare for Family Adventure Trips
Choosing an adventure travel vacation that everyone, from your 5-year-old to your teen, will enjoy can be a family venture. Here are some tips for finding and getting ready for your first adventure travel trip.

Trip Planning is a Family Activity
Let your children help plan the vacation and everyone will have more fun both before and during the trip.

Chile is a Hot Place to Enjoy Cold Slopes
Head to Portillo, Chile this summer if you want to improve your freeskiing in clinics led by champions.

Hiking and Fly Fishing as a Family
If you want to explore the outdoors with your children, check out one of these packages that include hiking and fly fishing as a family, or horseback riding and 4X4 jeep tours of the backcountry.

REI Kids Passport to Adventure is a Family Passport to Explore the Outdoors
If your children are ages 5 to 2, an REI Kids Passport to Adventure is your family passport to exploring the outdoors.

New Fisher Price Active Gear a Boon to Parents
Parents who enjoy taking the kids to national parks, on hikes and camping will appreciate this Fisher Price's new Active Gear line.

Adventure Camps & Adventures for Teens
Teen adventure camps sure to give adrenalin rushes and painless doses of learning new sports and activities.

Rio Secreto Caves: Riviera Maya, Cancun Tourist Attraction

Volunter Vacations - Volunteer With Animals
Volunteer Vacations - Spend a day or more to volunteer with animals at Best Friends sanctuary near Zion, Utah.

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