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Bobsled Rides at Utah Olympic Park, Site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

The "Comet" Promises a 40-Story Drop in Less Than a Minute of Terror


Riding in a bobsled at Utah Olympic Park, site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Riding in a bobsled at Utah Olympic Park, site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Utah Olympic Park
If you're eager to fly down the same bobsled, luge and skeleton track that Olympians challenged during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games -- with 4- to 5- G forces pushing your face flat -- sign up for a bobsled ride at Utah Olympic Park. During the winter, the sleds travel up to 80 miles per hour because they're on blades and the track is icy. In the summer, the sleds travel a littler slower, perhaps only 70 miles per hour, and rattle more because they are wheels. Anytime of year, the ride takes less than one minute.

How Exhilarating Is the Ride?

Just ask Risa Weinreb Wyatt about her experience during what some riders call "a minute of terror." Wyatt says, "It looks exactly like the TV coverage in the Olympics - what you see from the camera in the sled. It happened so fast it seemed unreal. All of a sudden the whole world tilts 90 degrees and all you see is the helmet in front of you and the ice."

Who Should Avoid the Ride?

To quote the Utah Olympic Park's warning: This is a very aggressive ride, and we strongly discourage anyone from taking the ride who has chronic neck problems, back or kidney problems, heart problem, who is pregnant, or if you've had recent surgery.

For More Information on Taking a Bobsled

For more information about taking a ride visit comet rides.

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