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Romania - Photo Gallery of Cities and the Countryside in Romania

Romania has an intriguing blend of third-world and modern customs


Visit Romania – still so raw but on the verge of being polished -- before this eastern European country becomes a magnet for travelers bent on visiting the "latest" trendy destination. Almost two decades after the 1989 Velvet Revolution, the country is readying to court vacationers and travelers. Before Romania turns into another formerly Communist country overrun by tourists, in Bucharest you can wander past women sweeping the sidewalk outside their stores, antique shops where intricate glassware sits next to years-old boxes of hair dye on dusty shelves, and a growing number of glassblowers' galleries. In the countryside, you'll drive past opulent palaces and ruins of centuries-old fortresses on hilltops, tumbledown homes where gypsy children play in yards, tiny local farmers markets and cows in bucolic settings.
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Violinist on street in Bucharest, RomaniaStreet Musicians Play in Bucharest, RomaniaRomanian churchRomania Has Many Lovely ChurchesOld Fortress on Hillside in RomaniaAncient Fortresses Dot the Countryside in RomaniaOld woman on street in Bucharest, RomaniaOlder Women in Bucharest, Romania, Often Wear Subdued Garb
An old barn on in the Romanian countrysideBarns With Thatched Roofs Dot The Romanian CountrysideStreet market in Romanian town Locals Shop at Street Markets in Romanian TownsThe Village Museum in Bucharest RomaniaHomes and Churches from Around Romania Are In The Village Museumchurch in the Village Museum in Bucharest, RomaniaPanels on a Wooden Church in Bucharest, Romania
Store in historic center of Bucharest, RomaniaHistoric Center of Bucharest, RomaniaJewish Synagogue in Brasov, RomaniaJewish Synagogue in Brasov, RomaniaChurch in Bucharest, RomaniaChurch in Bucharest, RomaniaGlassmaker in Bucharest, RomaniaArtisan Glassmakers Have Studios in Bucharest, Romania
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