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Overseas adventure travel opens your mind to new experiences. Overseas adventure travel can mean bargaining for saffron in a Vietnamese street market, watching giant condors fly through two-mile deep Colca Canyon in Peru or riding an elephant in Thailand. All adventure travel is an intensely personal and exotic adventure.
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Pictures of Adventure Travel Destinations
Pictures, Images and Photos of Adventure Travel Destinations. Adventure travelers love these locales. Can you picture yourself in these settings?

Visit Fiji Islands - Dive & Beach Vacations
Fiji - Where to sunbathe on sandy beaches then cool off snorkeling or diving in reefs where fish surround you and turtles swim by. Resorts for romance, luxury and families.

Walking Seminars With Context Travel Are In-Depth Experiences
Context Travel walking seminars in 21 cities are for intellectually curious travelers.

Visit Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Shoot Locations
Visit where Sports Illustrated photographed its 2012 swimsuit issue.

Colombia isn't the first South American country that comes to mind when...
Colombia isn't the first South American country that comes to mind when deciding where to travel, but here are six reasons you should plan a visit.

City Wall Walks Reveal Ancient History & Modern Lifestyles
Walking on ancient walls that surround many of Europe and Asia's walled cities is a fun way to learn more about the people and the region's history. Here's where to find city wall walks.

Walk on the Wall Above Jerusalem's Old City - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Rampart Walk on the 16th-century wall encompassing Jerusalem's Old City reveals life where three great religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam -mingle.

Top 9 Fantastic Fall Getaways
These fantastic fall getaways are as close to home as the covered bridges shaded by colorful fall foliage in New England and as far away in distance and atmosphere as the world's biggest camel fair in Pushkar India.

Adventure Travel - Pictures of Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey's landscape is like nowhere else on earth. You can hike, mountain bike, explore and enjoy other adventures on the dramatic landscape. Volcanoes erupted more than three million years ago and as the ash settled it formed a layer of tufa, in places covered with basalt lava. Wind and weather eroded the tufa created the fantastical shapes today called "fairy chimneys."

Adventure Travel Trends – Top Adventure Travel Trends in 2010
2010 saw a number of exciting adventure travel trends. Here they are, and here's how you can take advantage of them for savings and extra value when booking adventure travel trips in 2011. Some of the trends include engaging with local people and cultures, using eco-lodges as a base for adventures, and visiting exotic countries such as Turkey,...

Visit Colombia for Hiking & Biking Adventures
Colombia promises excellent hiking and biking adventures within easy access of its capital, Bogota, and elsewhere in the country. Several adventure travel companies run trips to Colombia.

Scotland and Ireland Iron Age Dwellings Called Crannogs
Whether you're canoeing around Loch Tay in the Scotland's Highlands, or driving by, take time out to visit the Scottish Crannog Centre, which features a unique reconstruction of an early Iron Age loch dwelling, and a tent where you can learn ancient arts. Crannogs are a type of ancient loch-dwelling found throughout Scotland and Ireland dating some 2,600 to 5,000 years ago.

Scotland - Canoeing Adventures in the Scottish Highlands
Canoe trips are popular on the lakes and in the rivers that flow through the astonishingly beautiful Scottish Highlands, as well as around some of the Scottish Isles. At many of the big lakes, from Loch Tay to Loch Lomand and Loch Ness, you can rent a canoe for a few hours or a day.

Adventure Travel in Riviera Maya and Cancun, Mexico
Until recently, I thought vacationing in Cancun or the Riviera Maya on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was just playing golf, sunbathing and snorkeling. Not so. The asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago and caused the death of the dinosaurs, according to a study reported in Science journal, created a unique topography -...

Adventure Travel - South Africa is Tops for Adrenalin Junkies
If you're an adrenalin junkie, South Africa is the place to explore. Your adventure travel experiences are only limited by how much your body can handle. In addition to taking a safari (in a jeep or on the back of an elephant)you can go ziplining, horseback riding in vineyards, bungy jumping, diving with sharks, canyoneering or abseiling.

Adventure Travel in Honduras is Overlooked By Many Travelers
Honduras is no secret to backpackers, but for the more upscale crowd the small country is constantly overlooked for the more developed beaches and rainforest of Costa Rica and Panama. Here in lies the opportunity: Instead of competing for white sand real estate or crowded canopy zip line tours, head to Honduras for vast cloud forests, virgin rivers, and warm locals who aren’t just seein…

Visit Bogota, Colombia
Exploring Bogota, the first stop on many travelers visit to Colombia.

The Galapagos Islands Cruise On the Erik, an Ecoventura Yacht
Taking a Galapagos Islands Cruise on a solar- and wind powered boat

Unusual Accommodations for Adventurous Travelers
Are you seeking adventure travel that involves unusual accommodations where you can spend the night? Here are three unusual lodging choices stretching from mountainsides to treetops to an ocean bottom.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - Photos of a Galapagos Island Cruise
A photo gallery of animals and wonderful experiences while cruising in the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, now endangered.

Cusco, Peru Celebrates the Winter Solstice in June
The winter solstice is a time of celebration in Cusco, Peru, a city that is also the starting point for a trip to Machu Picchu. Here is where to see photos of this colorful winter solstice celebration that takes place in June.

Adventure Travel Experiences Surround Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa,is a terrific base for adventure travelers who like to use their bodies non-stop during the day and enjoy urban nightlife. Within easy driving distance, you can surf,hike, bike and even go horseback riding (or walking) between vineyards.

Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 is a Year-Long Adventure Travel Dream for 3
Coca-Cola has named a team of three adventurous young adults as “Happiness Ambassadors” to travel around the world to find out what makes people happy. The team, chosen partly by a world-wide vote during which fans registered their preferences on the Coca-Cola site, will travel 275,000 miles and visit 206 countries in 365 days.

Adventure Travel - MIR Specializes in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe
Explore less-traveled regions of Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe with an adventure travel company started by an American who first visited Russia on a goodwill volleyball tour during the Cold War.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - Charles Darwin’s Galapagos Island
Visiting the Galapagos Islands, an archipelgo of volcanic peaks off the coast of Ecuador, you'll swim with sea lions, walk among blue-footed boobies and Christmas iguanas, and see sights that are truly can not be seen anywhere else on earth.

Exploring a Medieval Castle and Other Sights in Mertola, Portugal
The ancient walled city atop modern-day Mertola, Portugal, encompasses a medieval castle, museums tucked into centuries-old buildings and residents who live in homes liming the cobblestone streets.

Archeological Dig at National Park in Israel
Joining an archeological dig for a day tells you if you want to volunteer for an archeological dig in Israel or other countries for a week or much longer.

Adventure Travel, Walking and Biking in Aracena, Andalucia, Spain
Spain’s Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Nature Reserve, is easy to reach from Seville, and a nature-rich locale where adventurous travelers can explore a rural way of life. Hiking, bicycling or horsebacki riding on paths among chestnut and oak trees that march up hillsides, old drovers trails and on cobbled streets in villages with...

Train to Machu Picchu One of New 7 Wonders of the World
The train ride to Machu Picchu from Cuzco brings out flavors of the rural lifestyle in Peru centuries ago. You'll travel through the the foothills of the Andes Mountains and across plains where locals farm on terraces built by the Incas.

Stalking the Lioness As She Stalks Her Prey
She's so fluid. Lying down, not a muscle twitches, as lion's eyes are riveted on the antelope grazing 300 yards away. They can't see the lioness, but we can. We're following the hunt.

Alpine Adventures Zipline and Treetop Canopy Tours
Alpine Adventures ziplines and treetop canopy tours show you northern New Hampshire from above. Take your choice between racing your friends as you ride dual ziplines, or taking the Treetop Canopy Tour, a six-zipline trip.

Adventure Travel -- Explore 10 Types of Adventure Travel
Check out these ten unforgettable types of adventure travel. These adventurous travel experiences range from scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hot air ballooning over a desert in New Mexico to kayaking with the kids in the Pacific ocean by Vancouver, Canada.

Maverick Business Adventures Wants Millionaires Seeking Adventure Travel
Wanted: Entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners seeking high-adrenalin adventure travel experiences with like-minded individuals. To join Maverick Business Adventures they must also be willing to donate money and time to charities.

Relief Riders International Morphs Into Relief Workers International
he award-winning Relief Riders International company, long famous for its humanitarian educational and medical missions for horseback riders who like VolunTourism vacations, is morphing into Relief Workers International, designed for any traveler who want to to go on educational and medical missions.

Adventure Shows on Discovery Channel
Couch potatoes will find a variety of adventure shows on the Discovery Channel. Adventurous travelers can get some tips from watching the Discovery Channel's adventure shows on TV.

Experience an Indiana Jones Type of Adventure Trip
The Indiana Jones flicks still keep people entranced. Many adventure travel companies have trips that let you have similar experiences (without being chased by the bad guys).

Great Sources for Adventurous All Girl Getaways & Vacations
You’re a prime candidate for an all girls getaway if you want a temporary time-out from dealing with kids,a husband or work. Here's a list of companies that offer adventurous girlfriend getaways where it's okay to laugh with your best female friends, try some adventurous and new, and think about yourself first!

Adventurous Girlfriend Vacations Featured in All Girl Getaways TV Show
Are you psyched to escape from dealing with kids, a husband or work? If so, you’re a prime candidate for an all girls getaway. A new television show, All-Girl Getaways, shows you the type of adventurous trips other women are planning, along with tips to make it easy for you and your female friends to plan a vacation.

Ed-Ventures -- Educational Vacations -- Are Fun Ways to Learn
Stretching your mind, your skills or your body are all integrals parts of many travelers' vacations. EdVentures -- Educational Vacations -- let you combine your favorite activities, or experiencing new cultures or learning new skills, while having fun. Sipping wine in Tuscany, photographing animals in Africa under a professional photographer's...

Cultural RomTour Makes Romanian Vacations Easy
Romania-based Cultural RomTour sets up innovative trips and vacations to this Eastern Europe country, where Dracula's tale still haunts Transylvania, the "Little Paris" nickname for Bucharest is being revived, and horse-drawn carts are still the transportation of choice in the countryside.

Decide If VolunTourism -- Volunteer Travel -- Is For You
Voluntourism -- combining a vacation or trip anywhere in the world with a few days or weeks volunteering is one way a growing number of travelers are making a difference. How do you decide if volunteer travel, whether it's spending a day at an African preserve feeding lion cubs or two weeks helping build a town hall in a third-world country, is...

Chile is a Hot Place to Enjoy Cold Slopes
Head to Portillo, Chile this summer if you want to improve your freeskiing in clinics led by champions.

Heli-hiking Family Style in With Canadian Mountain Holidays
Floridian Tony Conboy III relates his experiences heli-hiking family style in the Purcell Mountains in Canada's British Columbian during a trip with Canadian Mountain Holidays.

Adventure Travel Guest Author Tim Shisler
Adventure travel guest author Tim Shisler writes about his trip to the Honduras.

Vietnam is a Feast for the Eyes and Your Other Senses
Vietnam is a feast to your eyes and your other senses because the countryside and the living styles are so different than in the United States.

Adventure Tours with The Northwest Passage
Adventure travel tours. Sea kayaking inn-to-inn, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, multi-sport adventures in the Galapagos Islands or Europe. Adventure travel company Northwest Passages has body- and mind-stretching trips.

Walking in Scotland Not on a Scottish Golf Course
Walking tours in Scotland are even more popular than golf with many adventure travelers. So, like many travelers who enjoy a variety of activities, I've been to Scotland to play golf and to hike and mountain bike. You'll find hundreds of miles of trails threading through the heather-clad hills and the ancient Caledonian pine forests in the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish Highlands Adventures - Adventures in Scotland's Highlands
Adventures in Scotland's Highlands are in a separate class. You can go biking, hiking, climbing, canyoneering and canoeing in lots of countries, but during Scottish Highlands adventures you can canoe on quiet lakes where vine-covered abbey ruins dot islands, mountain bike on singletrack splashing through bogs, and hike the Malt Whisky Trail. In...

Scotland Adventures - Mountain Biking in the Scottish Highlan…
Bicycling is very popular in Scotland, especially in Scottish Highlands. Dozens of trails thread the mountains, ring lakes and go through valleys in this beautiful section of Scotland. Here are sources to plan a mountain biking trip in Scotland, whether you'd rather join a group or travel on your own.

Where Are the Scottish Highlands & Why Do They Lure Adventure…
Where are the Scottish Highlands? The Scottish Highlands are to the north and west of Scotland's Great Boundary Fault. The Scottish Highlands are the adventure travel capital of Scotland because you can go climbing, mountain biking, walk the Malt Whisky Trail, for starters.

Adventure Travel - Wacky Festivals & Contests Adventure Trave…
Wife carrying, bog snorkeling, bathtub races, and run up the Empire State Building. And, these are just some of the wacky and weird contests people enter. Many of them don't require a lot of training, just stamina and a willingness to go all out. ?

Adventure Travel in Bhutan With Village Tours and Treks
Adventure travel in Bhutan. From the dizzying display of dancers at a festival to the laughter of a young monk, Village Tours and Treks incorporates the best of Bhutan into every trip. With 25 years of experience, Village Tours and Treks puts together unique trips using experienced local guides who have an intimate knowledge of the landscape and...

Farm Stays in Switzerland's Nature Parks
Where to find farm stays in Swiss nature parks. Entlebuch Nature Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is one of 20 nature parks that showcase the land, culture, and traditional lifestyles of central Switzerland. It's a perfect place to experience a farm stay, go gold panning and learn about the native cultures.

Adventure Sports Listings & Adventure Travel Directories for Active Travelers
Adventure sports listings and adventure travel directories for active travelers seeking where to go for extreme sports and adventurous trips.

China Adventure - Biking in Beijing's Hutongs
A bike ride through the hutongs, the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing, China, is a window into the life of many Chinese city dwellers.

Isolated Lodges - Singita Lebombo Lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa
A lion's roar may wake you in time to see elephants drinking at the river in the misty dawn at this safari lodge in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

Jeep Tours in Israel Show the Country's Rugged Side
A jeep tour in Israel's Negev reveals the rugged and beautiful desert.

City Segway Tours and Off Road Adventures
Gliding on a Segway is a novel way to take a city tour, or to explore off-road destinations.

Treasures & History in the Gold Museum, Bogota, Colombia
In the Gold Museum in Bogota, Columbia, you might want to wear sunglasses because so many treasures glitter brightly.

Walk on Cartagena's Historic Walls in Colombia

Punta Faro, Colombia, is a Rustic Caribbean Island Resort
This rustic island resort has a private white-sand beach and great scuba diving and snorkeling. Punta Faro is in Colombia's national park famous for its coral reefs.

Cuba: People-to-People Tours Have You Dancing With the Locals
Cuba: On cultural exchange tours with licensed travel providers, you talk with musicians, historians who have lived through the revolution, seniors and even school-age children you wouldn't be able to visit on most trips.

Adventure Trekking and Walking Tours - Self Guided
If adventure trekking, walking tours and hiking trips are your favorite vacations, but you don't like to travel in groups, here's a list of self-guided trips. But, companies give you maps, routes and ferry luggage between hotels.

Walking the Mutianyu Part of China's Great Wall
Where to walk on the Great Wall of China near Beijing. The Mutianyu section has a cable car,chairlift and alpine slide, creating a Disney-like theme park atmosphere for people going up or back down.

Tour Paris Sites and Attractions on a Trikke
A trikkes tour of Paris takes you up close to many sites and attractions in a novel way.

Negev Tours - Ramon Crater, the Largest Mahtesh in Israel
Negev desert jeep tours in Ramon Crater, a geological phenomenon hikers like to explore, too.

The Nabatean City of Avdat, Israel, is on the Incense Route
Traders carrying frankincense and myrrh followed the Incense Route, which passed through the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat. You can see the ruins of this city in Israel's Negev desert today.

Croatia - Exploring Illyrian Mysteries
Croatia: Exploring ruins that reflect the ancient Illyrian civilization with a guide who is an author, winemaker, cosmologist and expert on the Illyrian mysteries so vital a part of this country's history.

Cuba - Dance Groups Move to a Latin Music Beat
Cuba- Watching Cuban dance groups performing to Latin music are an entertaining part of people-to-people trips.

Cuba's Classic Cars - Made in America
Cuba's classic cars are 1950s American cars including Chevrolets, DeSotos, Pontiacs and Fords. The were bought before the Cuban revolution and the U.S. embargo started. Amazingly, thousands of these classic cars are still running.

Cuba: Cuban People Enjoy Chocolate & Ecotourism
Cuban People Say Cuba Was Columbus' First Stop in the Americas. He put a cross by the spot where he first landed. Part of the cross is now in a cathedral in Baracoa.

Fiji - Namale Resort and Spa Review
Namale Resort and Spa, an all-inclusive resort in Fiji earns top awards for romance but it's for any traveler who wants to be pampered in a spectacular setting.

Fiji - Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for Scuba Divers, Families or Romance
Fiji - All-inclusive Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is for scuba divers, families (picture a private nanny for your youngster) and couples who want a romantic getaway. The 17-acre resort borders on multiple reefs of soft corals.

Explore Fiji's Rivers and Coastlines in a Kayak
Fiji - Sea kayaking and river kayaking are offered on several of Fiji's islands. Day trips and multi-day trips with snorkeling and diving.

Africa’s Big Five – Plus Five More African Animals
Seeing Africa's Big Five. Insights into the Big 5 - African elephants, rhinoceros, lions, Cape buffalo, lions and leopards. Adventure travel companies that will take you to see them.

Explore Waterways of the World With This Adventurer
Expeditions on waterways around the globe led by Brett Rodgers, who uses on natural and human power.

8 Great Excuses to Travel to Exotic Locales
Wrap a vacation around a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll find them in the most exotic locations.

Top 10 Adventures in New Zealand
Top 10 Adventures in new Zealand, from bungy jumping and sky diving to skiing the Tasman Glacier and swimming with dolphins.

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