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"Must Have" Adventure Travel Gear

A Quick List of Great Gear and Apparel for Adventurous Travelers


From a tiny strap that can save your life and theft-proof gear, to great smartphone apps and apparel. Here are lots of "must have" choices for adventure travelers.

1. Purify Drinking Water With Easy-to-Use Pocket-Size SteriPEN Freedom

It's so small you can tuck it in a pcoket, but powerful enough to kill bugs and other nasty viruses in streams and hotels in foreign countries where even locals drink bottled water.

2. CW-X Sports Conditioning Ware to Keep You Playing Hard

CW-X has tops and bottoms for men and women with exoskeletal support systems that target specific spots, such as quads and thighs to channel power to your muscles. Wearing these conditioning wear you do ski and run longer and stronger. Recovery time is faster, too.

3. Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 - Best Travel Purse Ever

Pacsafe Metrosafe 200
I've tried more than a dozen travel purses during my years exploring the world. Since I discovered the Pacsafe Metro 200, the rest sit on a closet shelf.

4. Backpack – Pacsafe VentureSafe 25L Adventure Daypack

Wear it on your back, toss it on the ground, use it as a pillow when hiking, and otherwise abuse it. The theft-proof features make it almost impossible for someone to steal things inside it from you.

5. Survival Straps Are MacGyver-Like Tools That Have Saved Lives

Imagination is the limit when deciding ways to the paracord Survival Straps. They've been used to help save a young girl from drowning, fix a buckle that blew out on a soldier's body armor, and tie big purchases to the top of car.

6. Crash Pads Help Protect You when Playing Extreme Sports

The Crash Pads company makes tops and bottoms designed to help protect people who take to the extreme when skiing,snowboarding, mountain biking, motorcycling, horseback riding and participating in many other sports.

7. "Want to have" Outdoor Apparel

This selection of outdoor garments ranges from mid-weight merino wool jackets and socks for hiking and skiing, to gloves you don't have to take off to use your smartphone.

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