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Magellan's is a One-Stop Shop for Travel Supplies, Gear and Clothing

Travel junkies visit Magellan's for the latest gear, accessories and clothing


Magellan's online shop offers just about everything an adventure traveler needs - or wants - whether it's travel gear, supplies, clothing or accessories. Looking for a pocket-sized Power Monkey, which charges your camera, PDA and other portable electronics, the theft-proof Stashsafe hip pouch and more PacSafe items, or a shirt that has both bug and sun protection built in? (We live in these while traveling in hot, buggy climates.)Women will like the ergonomic VaultPro Gateway handbag,with four-way theft protection and RFID-blocking credit card slots.

You'll also find tips on the latest trends in travel accessories and clothing, and a whole lot more at Magellan's online travel store.

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I'm a bottom fisher shopper by nature, so I'm always looking at the Web specials. The list of what's for sale varies, but I've seen the multi-pocket, windproof and stain resistant Magellan Travel Vests, travel towels, and the easy, care-wear shirts that are great for traveling in places where you want to wash clothes in a tiny sink.

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