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Find Cheap Gear for Adventure Travel at Buystand.com

BUYSTAND is a Priceline-style Site Connecting Gear Retailers & You


The Buystand website is no longer operationg.

At BUYSTAND, you may find good gear cheap. You'll find discounts on gear for adventure travel from top retailers and manufacturers. The concept is simple: picture a Priceline-style marketplace for clothing and backpacks to camping gear.

Buying Gear & Clothing on BUYSTAND

Using the Web site is easy. Once you sign in, choose from four boxes: gender, brand, collection, and passion. At this time, the "passions" are limited to hiking, camping, snowboarding and skateboarding, but a lot of the clothing and gear up for sale can be used in multiple sports. What's listed for sale changes constantly because once an item is sold, it disappears from the Website.

The process is pretty simple, too - find the gear you want to buy and put in the price you are willing to pay. The Web site's technology processes your order to find a match. Because other viewers may also want the same piece of gear or clothing, or the merchant indicates your offer is too low, you can up your price three times within 48 hours. Savings may run anywhere from 20 percent to up to 70 percent off retail prices.

BUYSTAND is an intermediary that has relationships with many online retailers. Prices on the site are dynamic, depending on the demand for the product and the amount of the offer, according to a company spokesperson. The companies choose the products they'd like to sell on BUYSTAND and then upload their feeds. The merchandise may be in season or out of season, new or clearance. It all depends on the retailer.

All transactions on BUYSTAND are anonymous, so you won't know which retailer you're buying from until the box arrives at your door. Shipping to you is free. Returns are subject to the policies of each individual retailer but it's the buyer's responsibility to pay for return shipping.

Who Are the Retailers?

The list keeps changing, depending upon the merchandise online at the time you are looking. When I viewed the site this morning, retailers included Merrill, Patagonia, The North Face and Ugg Australia, all popular brands here in the U.S.. The site went online in October, 2012, and new merchant partners are being added regularly.


BUYSTAND's principals are North Carolina-based Ted Kraus, the founder and COO, who is an avid outdoorsman with a special passion for snowboarding and biking, and CEO Joe Davy . After a frustrating shopping experience on Amazon, Craigsllist and other Web sites, Kraus came up with the idea of a buyer driven site where consumers can express the amount they're willing to pay for a product.


The site's slogan is "Pay What You Want for the Gear You Love." To learn more and see what's on the site today, visit BUYSTAND.com

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