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Heated Gloves - Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves

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Heated Gloves - Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves

The Bottom Line

I wrote this review of the Zanier ZTX battery heated gloves, which my wife purchased for me more than a year ago. I loved them. Last winter (2010/2011) I had wiring problems but Zanier had sold every pair so none available for warranty replacement. They promised a warranty replacement in the fall of 2011 and claimed new technology. I received the new gloves a few weeks ago and so far they are keeping my hands and fingers toasty. I'll keep you appraised.

These top-grade heated gloves have an adjustable, integrated heating system that keeps my fingers warm for a full ski day without a bulky pack of two D-cell batteries on my wrist, or using chemical packets stuffed in my gloves that only heated my palms.


  • Gloves keep hands comfortable for hours without being hot
  • Lithium-ion batteries are small, light and shock absorbant
  • Controls are accessible without removing a glove
  • LED lights indicate if unit is on or off and the level of heat provided
  • Lasts up to 12 1/2 hours on one charge


  • A wrist strap should be included to prevent loss
  • Needs extra layer of leather on index finger and palm so ski edges won't cut leather
  • Gloves are expensive


  • Lined leather gloves, with lightweight lithium-ion batteries and heating element at thumb and fingertips
  • A proprietary microprocessor "Impulse Control" stimulates fingertip blood circulation.
  • Dual lightweight lithium-ion batteries can be easily removed from glove cuff for recharging
  • Three different heat settings with LED indicator built into each glove
  • Gloves are windproof and incorporate a Gore-Tex membrane layer so they are waterproof and breathable
  • Batteries provide power for 12 hours on lowest setting and more than five hours on medium setting
  • Zanier's technology is offered in mittens, foot warmers, pants, jackets and other products

Guide Review - Heated Gloves - Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves

The Zanier-GX heated gloves were a combination birthday and Father's Day present from my wife and I'm thrilled. I've tried gloves with heat packs in the back, mittens and heated gloves with D-call batteries. With the exception of mittens with a chemical hot pack inside, which are awful for skiing because you can't grip ski poles properly, I usually lost feeling in several fingertips within a half hour of being out in sub-freezing weather - until now. The Zanier Heat-GX heated gloves really work because the heat is moved up to the thumb and fingertips, rather than just heating your palms.

Zanier-GX Heated Gloves Easy to Use

A proprietary microprocessor "Impulse Control" stimulates fingertip blood circulation. The control buttons are simple. Hold the "+" button on the glove to turn it on and increase the heat. Or, hold the "-" button to decrease the heat or turn off the unit. The LED built into the glove indicates the heating level. The lowest level lasts for up to 12 1/2 hours, the mid-level (98.6 degrees) lasts for more than five hours. (Optional battery packs can be purchased separately.)

The batteries, which are waterproof and shock-resistant, sit in cuff pockets and you forget they are there.

Zanier Gloves, a 40-year-old European company, tests its products in the Dolomites. The gloves are sold in the United States through CozyWinters. Click on the vendors site ink and put Zanier Heat-GX in the search box.

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