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TravelRest Travel Pillow Keeps Head Supported During Airline Flights

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 TravelRest travel pillow

TravelRest travel pillow makes airline flights and long drives more comfortable


The Bottom Line

We found the inflatable TravelRest travel pillow much more comfortable than the comparably priced, conventional travel pillows. Its unique shape allows you to sleep more comfortably upright, especially in an economy-class seat. Two of us tested this travel pillow, one on a long drive and the other in an economy-class seat on a transcontinental flight from Denver to London.
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  • Really does support your head so you don't get a sore neck
  • Supports your upper body, too
  • Rolls up, so takes the same amount of space as other travel pillows
  • When dozing, keeps head from rolling on long drives, too


  • Keeping air from leaking while you close the seal can get tricky


  • The inflatable TravelRest has a unique patented ergonomic shape.
  • Looping the tether cord attached to the pillow around the back of your seat keeps the pillow in place.
  • Attaching the SnapFlap to the lap belt gives additional support.
  • There's a tab you pull up to inflate or deflate the pillow. Push it down to seal it.
  • The pillow is a soft, flexible, flocked version of polyvinyl chloride.
  • Hand wash and line dry.

Guide Review - TravelRest Travel Pillow Keeps Head Supported During Airline Flights

To picture the TravelRest travel pillow, look at a conventional travel pillow then add several inches to each end. Envision a flexible boomerang. With this extended u-shaped pillow, you can lean your head against the pillow and your neck is fully supported. Because the narrow pillow extends almost to your waist, it supports much of your upper body, so you don't wake up after hours on a plane or dozing in a car with a stiff neck and sore shoulders.

Because of the pillow's tether, you can keep the pillow more stable than conventional travel pillows. You can loop and cinch the thin cord that's attached to the pillow around the back of your seat, using the built-in cord lock to keep the cord the best length for you. There's also a SnapFlap you can close around your seat belt on the airplane, convenient if you want to simply lean your entire upper body against the pillow.

We both had to experiment to find the most comfortable way to use the TravelRest travel pillow, and ultimately chose different approaches. In the car, we found that simply wrapping the cord that's attached to the pillow around the back of the seat held the pillow in place. On the plane, one of us preferred to just wrap the pillow around the neck, concerned about leaning toward the shoulder of the adjacent passenger, because she was afraid of waking up and discovering she was invading the next passenger's space. Others choose to drape the TravelRest travel pillow across their chest. (See the photo above.)

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