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Travel Pillow - This Travel Pillow Supports Your Neck So It Doesn't Get Sore

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Travel pillow

The Complete Support Travel Pillow has a unique shape that really supports your neck when sleeping on a plane.

The Bottom Line

I liked the 'Complete Support Travel Pillow' because for once my neck wasn't sore after a quick nap during a plane ride. The lateral stabilizing supports - think high sides - kept my neck from bouncing or falling too far to one side or the other.

When compacted for traveling, it takes a bit more than twice the space of an inflatable pillow, but it's much more comfortable than the blow-up pillows.


  • Very good side neck support when you sleep
  • Soft, washable velour cover
  • Comes with waterproof carrying case


  • Takes about twice the space of a deflated inflatable pillows when compacted
  • Cover zipper too short, so it's hard to pull the velour top off to wash it.


  • Ergonomically designed neck travel pillow
  • Made of compressible memory foam and is covered with velour
  • Shaped so it supports your neck when you are sleeping
  • The velour cover is removable and washable
  • Comes with a waterproof carrying bag
  • Comes with memory foam ear plus
  • The velour cover has a small media pocket on one side

Guide Review - Travel Pillow - This Travel Pillow Supports Your Neck So It Doesn't Get Sore

This uniquely shaped travel pillow is a real neck saver. For the first time, after waking up from a quick nap during a plane ride my neck wasn't sore from being stretched too far over the side of an inflatable pillow. It's made of memory foam and covered with a soft velour. The lower part of the pillow is wide but the foam is trimmed into a one-inch high, one-inch wide strip that supports the upper part of your neck, so your head doesn't flop sideways when you're asleep.

The pillow is lightweight and comes with a waterproof carrying bag. It's easy to compress the pillow and squeeze it into the bag. When in the bag, it's about two- to two-and-a-half times the size of a deflated inflatable pillow, so it will take more room in your carry-on plane bag or briefcase.

Magellan's Luxe Complete Support Travel Pillow is a custom-designed version of the Complete Support Travel pillow.

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