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Adventure Travel - Record Memories in Globetrotter's LogBook

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Globetrotters LogBook

The Globetrotters LogBook

Globetrotters LogBook

The Bottom Line

Useful log book for travelers who visit lots of countries and are manic about recording memories on the spot (or later).


  • Small and easy to slide in pocket or purse
  • Mentions just about every place in the world you'd want to visit
  • Boxes with key information about countries
  • Plenty of blank pages so you can write notes


  • "Interesting Websites" in book are limited


  • Small and thin: 3.5 x 5 inches
  • Lists 192 countries and 58 dependencies and territories
  • Listings include capital city, Internet code, type of currency
  • Lots of pages to add personal memories

Guide Review - Adventure Travel - Record Memories in Globetrotter's LogBook

Globetrotters who love to record impressions as they travel will enjoy using this small book. It's small enough to slide into a pocket, purse or outside compartment of a backpack but the many blank pages are big enough so you can write comfortably or glue on bits of memories, such as partial tickets to museums you loved. While there's little room to write in the small boxes allocated for each country one visits, the information listed -- International country codes for calling, Internet codes, type of money used and much more -- is very handy.

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