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Versatile Fleece Jacket in Eddie Bauer's First Ascent Line

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warm fleece jacket for men or women

Eddie Bauer's First Ascent line has the comfortable, versatile Point Success fleece

Eddie Bauer

The Bottom Line

I tested the Point Success fleece jacket, which is in Eddie Bauer's First Ascent line, on a boat cruising the Galapagos Islands and at home in the Colorado Rockies. This fleece jacket works well in both environments. It's available in men's and women's sizes.
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  • Warm and surprisingly windproof
  • Wear as outer jacket or a mid-layer under heavy jacket
  • Breathable and water repellent
  • Toss in suitcase or backpack and doesn't wrinkle
  • Scrunch it up and use as a soft plane pillow


  • no inside pocket
  • Cold does seep through the Power Stretch areas but not fleece


  • Polartec Wind Pro in torso. Company says it has 4X the wind resistance of regular fleece.
  • Polartec Power Stretch on sides increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Turtling collar shelters neck and lower face from cold and wind
  • Outside pockets have easy-pull zippers
  • Men's available in red and black. Women's in turquoise and black.
  • Machine washable

Guide Review - Versatile Fleece Jacket in Eddie Bauer's First Ascent Line

Eddie Bauer's First Ascent Point Success fleece jacket, with sizes for men and women, is a winner, both with me and with Polartec, which gave it an APEX 2009 award as one of the year's most innovative products using Polartec. Its versatility is a big key to the fleece jacket's success.

You can wear this fleece jacket over a base layer or as a mid-layer when it's really cold outside. During colder afternoons after a day of snorkeling and exploring, we all gathered on the ship's outside top deck. While others were shivering or wearing sweatshirts, I wore a t-shirt and the fleece jacket. The jacket's Polartec Wind Pro fleece kept me warm, and the ocean spray beaded and rolled off the jacket.

Back home on a snowy day in the mountains - it was early October but snowing - I was able to put a ski jacket over the fleece. The fleece lining inside the collar was a bonus because I pulled it up to cover my neck.

The combination of fleece on the jacket's front, back and most of the sleeves provides the warmth, but the Polartec Power Stretch fabric around the elbows and the sides of this fleece jacket ensure comfort no matter your body shape.

Ed Viesturs used this jacket during his successful climbs of Mount Everest and Aconcagua this season.

Eddie Bauer sells both men's and women's models of this fleece jacket as part of the company's First Ascent line, a line that's designed as a complete system. All the pieces, from the base and insulating layers to the outer jackets, are cut so the body and sleeve lengths of each successive layer are slightly longer than the one underneath.

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