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PacSafe's Theft-Proof Travel Camera Straps Keeps Cameras & Binoculars Secure

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PacSafe Theft-proof Camera Strap

PacSafe Theft-proof Camera Strap


The Bottom Line

Digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras with lenses can cost more than a thousand dollars, while good binoculars can cost hundreds. When you're in unfamiliar locales such as a crowded street in a foreign country, or jammed into a dense crowd at a football game, the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 strap eliminates the worry of a slash-and-grab by someone coming up behind you.


  • Steel wire in strap protects your equipment from slash-and-grab thieves
  • Padded sleeve hides clips that attach strap to camera
  • Strap is easy to install
  • Secure but quick-release connections


  • Would prefer more padding around neck and shoulders


  • Steel cables inside make the strap slashproof
  • Universal webbing connectors fit most cameras and binoculars
  • Neoprene sleeves cover joining clips so thief can't unclip the strap quickly
  • Cushioned breathable neck pad

Guide Review - PacSafe's Theft-Proof Travel Camera Straps Keeps Cameras & Binoculars Secure

My husband has an expensive DSLR camera so we were looking for a strap that isn't easily cut but is comfortable to wear. Because I always take my PacSafe metro purse on trips to foreign countries, we looked on the PacSafe website to see if what might work. We found the PacSafe CarrySafe 100. My husband found the strap easy to hook to the camera, says it's relative comfortable and that he is definitely much more relaxed wandering around crowded sights with his camera hanging around his neck.

PacSafe has two other shoulder straps for heavier items. The CarrySafe 200 also has high-tensile stainless steel wire embedded in the shoulder strap. Each connecting end has screw-down locking metal nuts. The CarrySafe 300 features a built-in 3-dial combination lock so you can lock your bag around a secure fixture. In addition, a wire cable built into the lock, can be fed through zipper pullers and then housed in the same lock to prevent someone opening the bag.

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