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Sports Conditioning Wear for Men & Women

CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights & Tops Let You Play Longer & Harder

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Sports Conditioning Wear for Men & Women
I hesitated before spending the money to buy CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights because they are expensive. I have a cranky, sport-abused body, however, and wasn't sure how I'd even walk comfortably after skiing moguls and cruising long runs three days in row on my next trip. After reading the reviews on Backcountry.com and the CW-X site from from runners and other athletes using variations of the tights and tops, I decided to go for it.

Wearing the tights, I had extra stability, felt stronger, and was able to ski longer. After three days on the slopes I'm walking fine. For the first time in years I haven't been dealing with that nasty lactic acid, which seems to creep into my muscles after over-using them.

Exoskeletal Support System Targets Quads, Thighs & Focuses Power to Muscles

I read that the tights gave targeted support to improve balance and posture, and promised accelerated recovery after a day of beating up my body. Quite honestly: I never believed the tights could be as good as advertised. But they are - at least for me. You do have to wiggle into them properly and it takes a few minutes. But once on, they actually did improve my posture, so I was easily able to stay centered on my skis and turning was effortless.

I went to the Web site to see how the tights work. The tights create an exoskeletal support system that targets key areas and focuses power into your muscles, thus improving biomechanics during motion. According to Wacoal, the manufacturer, the Patented CW-X Support Web™ technology mimics kinesiology-taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. Variable compression along the web facilitates circulation, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, so you can be active longer and recover faster.

Wacoal - a Top Maker of Intimate Apparel Produces the CW-X Line

Most women are familiar with Wacoal intimate apparel, but as basic layers for everyday wear. However, Japan's Wacoal Corp. has also created CW-X® - a line of underlayers for athletes (both weekend warriors and professional). The company first entered the performance sports apparel market in Japan in 1991 with CW-X® Performance Conditioning Wear. It's just now becoming available in the United States through a recently formed subsidiary company, Wacoal Sports Science Corp. based in New York City.

To quote a paragraph on the Web site: " In a study in Kyoto, Japan, electrical pulse activity of the muscles (muscles firing into motion) was measured electromyographically. Unsupported and partly supported legs both show frequency decrease during exercise, indications of fatigue. Legs supported by CW-X® showed negligible frequency decrease." If you're like me, you'll wonder what "electromyographically" means. It's the adverb of e•lec•tro•my•o•graph: An instrument used in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders that produces an audio or visual record of the electrical activity of a skeletal muscle by means of an electrode inserted into the muscle or placed on the skin, according to the Free Dictionary.)

The CW-X garments utilize high-tech fabrics. Healtha+® is a multifunctional, lightweight, quick-dry fabric developed by Ventex. Fast-drying COOLMAX® and stretchy LYCRA®. Auto-Sensor® is a nanotechnology fabric that promotes moisture transport and temperature regulation.

CW-X Has a Variety of Conditioning Wear for Active Sports

CW-X has garments for running, snow sports, hiking, yoga and tri/cycling. They also have recovery tights and tops. The extensive line of garments for men and women includes tops, tights, support sleeves, sports support bras, support briefs, support briefs and support socks.

Who Uses CW-X Garments?

It's the garment of choice for a variety of sports professionals. Some of the teams using CW-X wear include the USA Luge Team, the Gloucester Rugby team and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Some of the athletes using CW-X garments include ultramarathoner Samantha Gash, USA Olympic Rowing Team member Jonathon Winter and snowshoe racer and endurance athlete Kale Poland, and pro road and train runner Rachel Cieslewicz. You'll find testimonials from more ordinary folk in CW-X Community section: http://cw-x.com/Community.aspx?sub=testimonials

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