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Eco Travel - Eco Trips and Vacations to Natural Environments Are Rewarding

Eco travel, or Eco Tourism, Is Exploring Natural Environments Carefully


Eco travel, eco tourism, eco vacations - the exact definition of each depends upon who is doing the defining. Loosely, eco travel - or eco-tourism - involves travelers setting themselves in natural environments, but minimizing ecological impacts. Companies offering these types of trips are usually committed to sustainable tourism.

Eco travel was a noted trend during the last decade and it still is. Swimming with sea lions and watching red-footed boobies in the Galapagos Islands; capturing Africa's lions and elephants on film; and helping maintain reefs while scuba diving are all eco travel. Find your eco-trip here.


1. Tips for Planning an Ecotourism Trip

Visit Planning an Ecotourism Trip for tips on how to decide which adventure travel company you should choose.

2. Vacationers Continue to Seek Eco Travel

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Eco-travel, or ecotourism as it is often called, is a steadily growing trend because travelers enjoy setting themselves in natural environments, while minimizing ecological impacts. You could swim with sea lions or walk among Sally Lighfoot Crabs in the Galapagos, shoot lions on an African photo safari, or go wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park.

If you're seeking adventure travel companies to take you to natural places around the world, visit Top 10 Natural and Wildlife Trips.If you want to visit Yellowstone either summer or winter visit Top Reasons to Visit Yellowstone.

3. An Eco-Directory of Travel Providers

This eco-directory is a unique destination guide designed to help travelers make responsible travel choices. According to the Sustainable Travel Web site, all of the travel and tourism providers in the Eco-directory have been chosen for their commitment to sustainable tourism.

4. Many Top Adventure Travel Companies Offer Eco Trips

Many of the best adventure travel companies now offer a variety of eco trips. Here's a list of top companies to use as a starting point to search for your special eco vacation.

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