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In the world's deepest canyon time stands still

Colca Canyon, Peru, is the world's deepest canyon


Life in Peru's Colca Canyon, reportedly the deepest canyon in the world (although some geologists now say it's the second deepest), moves along at a pace set in pre-Inca times. These pictures show the weather-beaten faces of locals, giant condors swooping on the updrafts in the canyon and the terraces where locals have grown crops for centuries.

Please click on the individual pictures for more information. To hear how visitors react when watching the giant condors fly, click on Visiting Colca Canyon. A stay in Colca Canyon can be an easy add-on to any trip to Peru.

A visit to Colca Canyon will be as memorable as a trip to Machu Picchu, and both can be part of a vacation in Peru. You can see more pictures of Machu Picchu, the Amazon jungle and other parts of Peru in Peru in my mind.
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bridge over river in Colca Canyon, PeruFragile bridges span the gap between the two sides of Colca CanyonView of Peru's Colca Canyon from ecolodgeView from Parador del Colca, a Peruvian ecolodgeCatholic church in PeruIglesia de Ichupampa, a catholic church in Colca Canyon, Peruvicunas in PeruPeru's Elusive Vicuna
Walking dog by Colca Canyon, PeruWalking with a dog in Colca Canyon, Perufarming on pre-Inca terraces in PeruFarming on Pre-Inca Terrraces in Colca CanyonCelebrating winter solstice in Chivay, PeruFestival Celebrating the Winter Solstice in Chivay, Peruchurch in Colca Canyon, Peru, being restoredChurch in a Village in Colca Canyon, Peru, is Being Restored
View of 20,629-foot-high volcano in the Peruvian AndesTraveling to Colca Canyon, Peru Includes Driving Over 17,000-foot High Passesgiant condors fly on updraftsGiant Condors Fly on Updrafts in Peru's Colca Canyon
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