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Cruise Norway's Coastline, the Antarctica & the Arctic With Hurtigruten

Dog-Sled Rides, Snowmobiling, Overnights in the Antarctica


Penguins watch a Hurtigruten ship arriving in the Antarctica.

Penguins watch a Hurtigruten ship arriving in the Antarctica.

On a Hurtigruten cruise Norway's coast or the fjords, in the Arctic, around Greenland or the Antarctica, travelers are a mix of Norwegians, adventure lovers and bucket-listers from around the globe. Experiences range from spending the night in a tent on the "White Continent," to viewing the Northern lights from a dogsled or a snowmobile.

Hurtigruten has been transporting goods, services, products and people back and forth throughout the coast of Norway, because many of these routes are longer by land than by sea, since 1893. Today, the company offers cruises along the west coast of Norway, from Bergen to Kirkenes, designed to give passengers a special blend of the country's history, culture and dramatic vistas.

Hurtigruten also offers cruises to remote corners of the world, including the Arctic’s Spitsbergen, Greenland and Antarctica. On these cruises, travelers may see polar bears in the north to penguins in the south.

The company has 12 ships that carry from 100 to 646 guests. The ships include one brought on line in 1912, and the MS Fram, which was built in 2007 and designed for sailing in polar waters. Depending upon the ship, you'll find everything from suites with balconies and two-story glass walls to ensure panoramic views from the lounge, to a swimming pool and jacuzzi on the deck.

The Boss’ Pitch: Why Travel With Hurtigruten

Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of Hurtigruten says, “Hurtigruten goes closer to places no other company does. Visiting 34 ports along the Norwegian coast, you get closer to Norwegian daily life. It’s a unique combination of tourists, local passengers and cargo. For our explorer products in polar waters, Hurtigruten is a unique combination of the most modern explorer ship tailor-made for sailing at Greenland, Spitsbergen and in Antarctica."

Popular Adventure Travel Outings with Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is offering a variety of voyages to the Antarctica in 2013 and 2014. The voyages range from a Classic Expedition through the Drake Passage to the Great Antarctica Expedition via the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Orkneys; to a Polar Circle Expedition. The highlight of some trips could be an overnight in two-person tents on the White Continent.

The Northern Lights voyages travel toward the Arctic Circle, with stops at coastal towns and islands. Adventurous travelers can take dog sled rides and go snowmobiling in the Arctic.

On the Spitsbergan voyages you might follow the path Vikings did some 800 years ago, or visit remote Arctic settlements lit by the low-hanging Midnight sun. You can see thousands of birds rising in clouds from a vertical cliff that disappears in the sea, or watch adult polar bears lumber across snow-covered ice alongside their young.

To Learn More About Hurtigruten

For more information about the company and a full list of cruises, visit Hurtigruten. Take a look at the "Special Offers" section, where you may find some significant discounts.

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