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Expedition Cruises Are for Active Vacationers

Expedition cruises take travelers to remote islands, sail across seas to less-visited places and let guests hike, kayak, snorkel and dive in more remote areas. Ships tend to be smaller, so can stop where large ships can not dock.

Cruise Norway's Coastline, the Antarctica & the Artic With Hurtigruten
Cruise Norway's fjords, overnight in a tent in the Antarctica, see Northern Lights in the Arctic on a Hurtigruten cruise ship.

Adventure Cruises With Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Expeditions cruises on National Geographic ships include experts on regions visited, plus photographers who work with guests. This year, 2013, there are several special cruises marking the National Geographic Society's 125th anniversary.

Polar Cruises with Quark Expeditions
Quark Expeditions adventure cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica include special interest cruises for photographers, penguin lovers, whale watchers, birders,sea-kayakers and cross country skiers.

Expedition Cruises on Small Ships
Sources for expedition cruises on small ships that travel on oceans, seas and waterways around the globe.

Adventure Travel Cruises with AdventureSmith Explorations
Adventure travel takes on a new meaning when travelers go adventure cruising with this company. You'll have the ability to get off the ship, exploring nature and wildlife in the company of expert naturalist guides, away from ports and tourist crowds. Trips go to many off-the-beaten-path destinations including Alaska, Baja, Costa Rica, Belize,...

The Galapagos Islands Cruise On the Erik, an Ecoventura Yacht
Taking a Galapagos Islands Cruise on a solar- and wind powered boat.

Find Adventure Cruises With Orion Expedition Cruises
Adventure cruises on small ships let guests travel to remote regions and less-explored parts of the world, where big ships can't go. The trips by Orion Expedition Cruises go to Borneo, Kimberly in Australia, the

Adventure Cruises With Sea Voyager Expeditions
Adventure cruises with Sea Voyager Expeditions sail guests through the Panama Canal and along the coastlines of Central America and South America.

Arctic Adventures - Cruises and Extreme Land-Based Expeditions
Arctic cruises and land stays let you see icebergs, polar bears, walruses, seals and whales up close. Live aboard a ship, or camp on an ice sheet.

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