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Where to Find Mountain Biking and Bicycling Trips & Vacations

You spend hours riding your bicycle around the city but picture yourself pedaling along a country lane in Italy or zipping down a rocky mountainside. It's easy to make these dreams real. If you don't own the right bike for a trip pick an outfitter who does. Here are tips for finding and getting ready for trips, plus colorful locales – from Moab, Utah, to Provence, France – that want you to visit.

Multisport Trips in Latin America
Multisport vacations in Latin America. Hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling and other adventures in Costa Rica to Chile.

Biking - Picks for Dream BicycleTrips
Here are several companies that offer bicycle trips through fascinating locales around the globe.

Bicycle Vacations in Wine Country
Find best bicycle trips through wine regions around the globe with the best bike tour operators.

Bike Trails - Austin-Lehman Adventure's Top 10 in the World

Bicycle Touring - Self-guided Tours Let You Explore at Your Pace
Bicycle touring in Europe, the United States or elsewhere, when it's self-guided, gives you the flexibility to stop and visit with locals, linger at cafes, or take a dip when cycling alongside the sea. Pick a company that plans the bicycle tour for you.

Find Bicycling Tours Worldwide on BikeToursDirect
BikeToursDirect is a website listing nearly 300 bicycle trips and offering direct links to the companies offering these tours.

Bike & Hike Along the Berlin Wall Trail
Although there's not much of the Berlin Wall left, biking or hiking on the Berlin Wall Trail is a unique adventure. It's been 20 years since the Berlin Wall was torn down, and signposts along the way explain the Wall's history and commemorate that day.

How is Mountain Biking Different Than Road Biking
What is mountain biking and how is it different than road biking.

Best Colorado Mountain Biking Trails & Resorts
Sources for best Colorado mountain biking trails, resorts and cities, with links to maps, bike shops and more.

Adventure Travel - Find Bike Touring Adventures With Pedalers Pub & Grille
Bike tour adventures in Thailand, Laos, Bali, Japan and other locales in Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and the Americas, including Alaska and Canada's Yukon Territory.

City Bike Tours in Countries Around the World
Touring a city on a bike lets you see more. Find city bike tours around the world.

Mountain Biking at Kualoa Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii Can Be Rugged Or Tame
Photos and Images of Mountain Biking at Kualoa Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii

Underground Railroad Bicycle Route
The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route is a pedal-friendly network of routes from Alabama to Ontario that traces the paths, hideouts and historic sites from the pre-Civil war years when slaves fled northward to escape bondage.

Mountain Biking in Israel's Negev Desert
Mountain biking in the Negev desert in Israel, don't be surprised if you hear the booms of artillery practice in the distance. It won't distract you from the raw earthiness of the desert.

Endurance Bike Race - Hotter'N Hell Hundred
In this endurance bike race, bicyclists ride 100 miles in 100-degree heat.

Mountain Biking on Oahu, Hawaii Isn’t for Wimps
Mountain biking on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, can be an adventure. Especially when dodging cows, splashing through streams and watching monster movies being made.

Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies
Your choice of an adventure travel company could ensure wonderful vacation-- or a memorable time but not-so-good memories. Here's a selection of reputable companies offering adventure travel trips.

Self-Guided Bicycle Touring in Europe
Planning a self-guided biking or hiking vacation in Europe is easy with the right tour operator. Here are some tips for deciding if a self-guided trip is for you.

Mountain Bike Vacations in High Altitude Resorts
Wrap a summer trip to a high-country resort around learning to mountain bike or improving your riding skills. Single track, competition racing, just plain fun with the family -- there are programs and packages for everyone at mountain resorts East to West.

Bicycling - "Must Take" on a Bike Trip Gear and Clothes List
Avid bikers claim these "must take" bike gear and clothes will increase your comfort while riding during your next bicycle trip.

Bicycling -- Use Pedal Power to Explore New Locales
Bicycling vacations take you to terrain and countries you'd might never visit otherwise. Here are some suggestions for choosing and prepping for your next bike trip.

Hike, Bike, Fish in Yosemite National Park
The fall packages at Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite promise an antidote to urban stress. The Lodge near the western edge of Yosemite National Park is a good base to go hiking, biking, fly fishing or rock climbing in Yosemite.

Luxury France Bike Tours With Digngo
Digngo specializes in luxury, tailor made bike tours focused exclusively on France. Based in Switzerland, Digngo offers luxury, tailor made vacations to France, including the Burgundy wine region, the Loire valley and its amazing chateaux, the island of Corsica, and Alsace.

REI Adventures’ Fall Foliage Bike Trip
REI Adventures’ fall foliage bike trip on the Natchez Trace Parkway gives bikers a taste of the music in Nashville and the rural life while biking along the scenic parkway.

CamelBak Hydration System
The CamelBak water hydration system is designed so it's easy to keep drinking water while participating in active sports.

Taking the Easy Way Up to Ride Downhill
Many ski resorts have racks or special cargo boxes to take mountain bikers uphill in the summertime.

Adventure Travel - Pictures of Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey's landscape is like nowhere else on earth. Volcanoes erupted more than three million years ago and as the ash settled it formed a layer of tufa, in places covered with basalt lava. Wind and weather eroded the tufa created the fantastical shapes today called "fairy chimneys."

ExperiencePlus! Offers Great Bicycle Trips in 20 Countries
This bicycle touring company offers global cycling tours immersed in local character to 20 countries on five continents. One tour made National Geographic Traveler's 50 tours in a lifetime list!

China Adventure - Biking in Beijing's Hutongs
A bike ride through the hutongs, the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing, China, is a window into the life of many Chinese city dwellers.

Q&A With Austin-Lehman Adventures' European Cycling Director
Q&A about Top 10 Bike Rides in the World and why Austin-Lehman Adventures European Cycling Director chose them.

Fat Tire Snow Bikes - A Mountain Bike for Winter Play
Fat bike snow bikes let you pedal on snow and ice. Resorts and cities where you can ride on singletrack and easier terrain in the winter.

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