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Oyster.com Offers Unbiased Hotel Reviews and Nearby Great Adventures

Peeking Inside Locales for Unbiased Reviews and Adventures


Oyster.com Offers Unbiased Hotel Reviews and Nearby Great Adventures

Diving off a cliff during a watersports vacation

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Although it's mainly a hotel-review Web site, Oyster.com's bloggers, hand-picked for their local knowledge, also offer some excellent insights into adventurous activities. For example, one Oyster blogger details you can go kayaking and horseback riding north of Miami, Florida. Another suggests rock scrambling in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. Yet another Oyster blogger suggests ziplining and eco-tours near Orlando, Florida.

Oyster.com Scouts Pay for Hotel Rooms

Oyster employs experienced travelers and pays for them to visit the hotels as guests. Management does not know the reviewers are coming. The reviews do record when a room is dirty, the level of service and even complaints from guest interviews.

The photos taken by reviewers depict what the resort actually looks like and the surroundings, unlike many hotel promotional photos that airbrush out surrounding buildings. The Photo Fakeout section is particularly interesting. In it, Oyster.com has reviewers' photos side-by-side with a promotional photo, so you what the property actually looks like.

After looking at reviews, it is possible to book hotels directly on Oyster.com

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