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Riding an ATV

Robert Felton, author of the Adventure Travel Mentor Web site likes to ride ATVs.

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Felton
The new Adventure Travel Mentor Web site may have started as a way for Robert Felton to talk about his adventurous trips. But, it's got lots of interesting advice and suggestions for anyone who is an adventure travel junkie, or wants to see what types of adventures would best fit their interests.

What's on Adventure Travel Mentor

The site includes a cross-reference guide between different locations around the globe and various adventure travel experiences. The experiences range from backpacking and mountain biking to sea kayaking and bungy jumping.

His Adventure Travel Rating System gives stars to rank different aspects of a destination, such as the exotic allure, the cultural aspects and the activities. The site also has a list of the different adventure travel experiences one can find in each destination that's mentioned.

Felton has created a rating system for the risk involved in each activity, the skill level required and the factors related to the level of physical fitness needed. The site also has a section where he recommends trips, a page of travel planning links and a news page.

Who is Robert Felton?

The author of this site is an admitted adventure travel junkie. He lives in southern California, where he goes hiking and scuba diving. He says he got the adventure travel bug from his trip to Rwanda where the primary mission was to work with groups of genocide survivors. On that trip he went on a gorilla trek before leaving the country, and was hooked. Since then, he's returned to Rwanda and made several trips to China.

Where is Adventure Travel Mentor?

Click on Adventure Travel Mentor to visit the site.

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