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Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies

My picks for top adventure travel companies in the world


Here are are some of the top adventure travel companies that offer an interesting and eclectic array of adventure travel trips. Biking in Morocco, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and rafting through the Grand Canyon are just the briefest sampling of the experiences these companies offer travelers. Each company's website lists specific adventure travel trips, with detailed itineraries, pricing and images that give a taste of the adventures waiting for you.

1. Quick List Access to Specialty Adventure and Sports Travel Companies?

Couple hiking in remote area and looking at map
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If you want to zero in on specific adventure travel styles, visit the links below this paragraph. Keep in mind that most of the 20plus adventure travel companies in the master list have impressive trips covering all aspects of adventure travel.

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If you want to look at all the top companies, keep scrolling down this page.

2. G Adventures Open Up the World

Visiting a monastary in Bhutan with GAP Adventures
Gap Adventures

G Adventures, formerly Gap Adventures, has again been recognized by National Geographic Traveler in the magazine's 2011 "Tours of a Lifetime" list.  For seven consecutive years, National Geographic magazine has selected a Gap Adventures tour as one of its "25 Best New Adventure Trips of the Year". This company offers a choice of more than 1,200 adventure travel trips to all seven continents. Check out the "Specials" section, where you can find discounts on fascinating trips.

3. Geographic Expeditions Adventurous Trips

Geographic Expeditions
Geographic Expeditions
Geographic Expeditions offers a portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world's most astonishing places, ranging from journeys in China, Nepal and Vietnam to Mongolia and Ghana.

4. Austin-Lehman Adventures

Austin Lehman Adventures in Germany
Austin-Lehman Adventures

If you're looking for adventure travel trips that kids of varied ages will enjoy, or trips for you and your teenagers, check out Austin-Lehman Adventures. Multi-Sport trips -- bike, hike, climb, paddle, ride -- go to such scenic places as Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and Bryce, Zion and Yosemite National Parks.

5. Ecotourism and Nature Trips With International Expeditions

International Expeditions offers small-group eco-tours and nature travel trips to exotic locations including the Amazon, Egypt, Galapagos, India and Kenya during the annual animal migration. the company offers in-depth itineraries designed to explore the soul of a region, through behind-the-scenes access to places and experiences. The group leaders are either naturalists or historians, sometimes both.

6. Exploring Nature With Natural Habitat Adventures

Steve Morello/Natural Habitat Adventures
Natural Habitat Adventures trips focus on nature scenes around the globe. Travelers get to see some of the world's most intriguing animals,from a family of mountain gorillas in Africa to tigers in India's less-visited parks, and beluga whales while sitting in tiny zodiacs.

7. Off-the-Beaten Path Adventure Travel With Intrepid Travel

Riding an elephant in Thailand
Intrepid Photography Competition 2007, Bathtime, Thailand - Wendy Broekx

Intrepid Travel is a niche adventure travel company that focuses on taking travelers off the beaten track to more than 90 destinations around the globe. On these generally small-group trips you’ll travel in ways similar to the local people, respecting their culture and the environment. The groups take mostly public transportation, stay and eat in small-scale locally-owned establishments.

8. National Geographic Expeditions - National Geographic Adventures

A wild guanaco surveys Patagonia
National Geographic

National Geographic Expeditions is the travel arm of the National Geographic Society, and National Geographic Adventures is where you'll find trips that combine adventure travel and the types of exploration for which the company is famous.  The trips are designed to draws upon the expertise of the explorers, scholars and Society-sponsored research around the globe. Many of the adventures are led by National Geographic experts in specific fields, such as archaeologists, naturalists and photographers.

National Geographic Expeditions new trips to Cuba will be led by prize-winning writer and photographer Christopher Baker, author of National Geographic Traveler: Cuba and a leading authority on Cuban travel and culture,

9. How to Visit Places You've Seen on the Discovery Channel

Climb ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru at dawn
(c) Dick Friedland
Have you ever watched a show on the Discovery Channel and thought "I'd like to visit this place"? Discovery Adventures is the travel arm of the Discovery Channel, and the trips are designed to encourage participants to become part of the local cultures they've come to know through the TV shows. Aspects of these trips focus on inter-active experiences, similar to what's viewed in the shows.

10. Classic Journeys Specializes in Soft Adventure Trips

Riding camels in Morocco during a Classic Journeys walking trip
Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys specializes in boutique, small-group, soft-adventure travel. The company operates three types of trips: cultural walking adventures, family journeys and culinary tours. Any Classic Journeys trip can be transformed into a private journey.

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