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Choosing the Right Adventure Travel Company is Key to a Memorable Trip

Find an adventure travel company specializing in vacations that appeal to you


Adventure travel is trendy, but not all companies offering such vacations have experience running these types of trips. Here's where to scope out a variety of experienced companies who are offering innovative trips plus tips for choosing a reputable tour operator or outfitter.

1. Top Adventure Travel Company Picks

Here's a variety of reputable, very experienced companies, each offering an interesting and eclectic array of adventure travel trips. Biking in Morocco, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and rafting through the Grand Canyon are just the briefest sampling of the experiences these companies offer travelers. Each company’s website lists specific adventure travel trips, with detailed itineraries, pricing and images that give a taste of the adventures waiting for you.

2. Adventure Travel Trips with Austin-Lehman Adventures

Austin-Lehman Adventures (ALA) is a small-group adventure travel company specializing in high-end, active vacations. Some of the company’s most popular trips, which are offered year after year include two family adventures: The Yellowstone National Park Family Adventure, and Alberta - Banff & Lake Louise Family Adventure. Adventures for travelers age 16 and older include: Alaska - Kenai Peninsula, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and Costa Rica- Volcanoes & Jungles Multisport Adventure. Three trips that ranked among the “World’s Best 25 New Trips” are the Panama Adventure, the Okanagan Wine Country Adventure, and the Oaxaca Adventure.

3. Adventure Travel - - Ecotourism and Nature Trips With International Expeditions

International Expeditions focuses on ecotourism and natural travel trips, with in-depth itineraries designed to explore the soul of a region, through behind-the-scenes access to places and experiences. The group leaders are either naturalists or historians, sometimes both. Most groups are small.

4. Adventure Travel Trips and Vacations With Travcoa

Travcoa is one of the leading providers of luxury escorted tours, luxury custom vacations and private jet trips. Some of the destinations include Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, India and China, and such exotic locales as Bhutan, Easter Island, Lapland, and Madagascar. The escorted tours are limited to 18 persons and the average is 12.

5. Canadian Mountain Holidays Heli-Ski and Heli-Hike Trips

Hike, Ski or Snowboard in the Canadian Rockies via Helicopter. n the winter CMH offers a variety of week-long heli-ski and heli-snowboarding weeks for advanced intermediates to expert skiers and snowboarders. Most of the trips are to remote lodges in the Bugaboos, Cariboos, Monashees, Purcells and other mountain regions in British Columbia on the western side of the Continental Divide. In the summer, the heli-hiking trips are designed to accommodate novices to experienced hikers. At the beginning of each vacation week, the guests are divided into groups according to their skill level. Certain weeks are set aside for Family heli-hiking trips. CMH also offers mountaineering experiences in the sub-ranges of the Columbias, climber's paradise.

6. Top Picks for Dream Bike Trips

You can bike past the vineyards in Tuscany or Provence, pedal past farmers tilling rice fields in Vietnam and photograph fall foliage colors in Vermont on trips run by these companies. Each is well established and will give you references from satisfied travelers, if you don’t have friends who've taken their tours. If you browse the trip itineraries and look at virtual tours, you’re sure to find an appealing vacation. All of these companies will customize trips for you and your friends.

7. High & Wild Offers Innovative and Extreme Adventure Travel

High & Wild is a UK-based company that offers an exceptional variety of highly unusual adventure travel trips. On the website, you choose between desert, sea, fresh water, grassland and other options – or between "adventures" and "extreme adventures," such as the first ever Everest Skydive (solo or tandem), Tornado Quest or the Saami Reindeer Migration. Even the more classic trips, such as a multi-sport Galapagos Island vacation include twists such as mountain biking to find giant tourtoises, or trekking the less-crowded Umbwe route up Kilimanjaro.

8. Cultural RomTour Makes Romanian Vacations Easy

Romania is for adventurous travelers interested in exploring cities and cultures that are just opening up to the West. Trips here are ahead of the “cutting edge” trendy vacations being touted in national magazines and newspapers. It’s definitely for travelers who want more than a “Been There Done That” Experience.

9. Before You Buy and Adventure Travel Package

Adventure travel is so trendy many companies offer trips to exotic countries and rugged stretches of U.S. rivers, deserts and mountain. Not all companies are experienced in adventure travel, so choosing a reputable, experienced one is key to a good trip. Here are some tips to help you decide which package to buy or which company you should ask to customized a trip.

10. Multi-Sport Trips Keep the Adrenalin Pumped Up

Travelers who live for active vacations should check out some of the multi-sport trips offered by these companies. You could combine trekking and sea kayaking, or perhaps you’d rather go mountain biking, hiking and river rafting? Why not blend cycling, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, or surfing, snorkeling and biking? Multi-sport vacations with these mixes of sports are offered in such diverse locations as the Galapagos Island, Iceland and Thailand, so the hardest part might be deciding where you want to go.

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