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Extreme Adventure Travel Tests Your Limits

Best Adventure Travel Companies for Extreme Vacations and Trips


Seeking extreme adventures? Push your boundaries skydiving around Mt. Everest, desert trekking, kayaking on the White Nile or your choice of other extreme adventures. Here's a list of companies that offer an amazing range of trips and vacations that require either stamina or sheer guts but promise lifechanging rewards.

1. High & Wild Offers Innovative Extreme Adventure Travel Trips

Sky diving around Mt Everest
High & Wild

High & Wild lets you choose between desert, sea, fresh water, grassland and other options – or between "adventures" and "extreme adventures," such as Tornado Quest, the Saami Reinderr Migration and the first ever Everest Skydive (solo or tandem).  

2. Epic Tomato's Adventures Challenge Extreme Terrain

Epic Tomato trip through Jordan's Western Desert
Epic Tomato

The Epic Tomato experiences fall into five 'terrain' categories (jungle, desert, mountain, polar, rivers) and are designed to embrace a new emerging definition of 'luxury' travel that encompasses the authenticity of an earned experience and chance to experience something truly unique.

3. A&K's Extreme Adventures Portfolio Opens Up New Worlds

The tribal Dogon mask dance in Mali, Africa, during a trip with Abercrombie & Kent
Copyright © Alexander Ross
Adventurers willing to push some boundaries should take a look at Abercrombie & Kent's Extreme Adventurers portfolio. Two of the Extreme Adventures have been named by National Geographic Traveler as a "Tour of a Lifetime." Norway - On the Trail of the Polar Bear (2009) and Egypt - Traces of Lost Civilizations (2010).

4. Gap Adventures Active and Expeditions Vacations

Exploring Bhutan with Gap Adventures
Gap Adventures
Gap Adventures has a number of "active" and "expedition" trips that will push travelers to their personal limits, such as trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro;or hiking, biking and rafting in China.

5. Geographic Expeditions Has Trips to Remote and Challenging Destinations

Traveling through a desert on a camel
Courtesy of Geographic Expeditions
Geographic Expeditions has a portfolio of adventurous overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world's most astonishing places. GeoEx was the first American company to negotiate protocols for groundbreaking journeys in China, Nepal, Vietnam, Bhutan, Iran, Central Asia, and the former Soviet Union.

6. Best Adventure Travel Companies

Temple complex at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
(c)Lois Friedland

If you want to zero in on a specific style of adventure travel, visit Best Adventure Travel Companies for a list of 20plus adventure travel companies that offer impressive varieties of trips that cover all aspects of adventure travel.

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