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WildChina Gives Adventure Travelers An Insider's Take on the Real China

Sophisticated Travelers Will Like WildChina's Blend of Luxury and Adventure


Hiking in Tibet with WildChina

Travelers meet Catholic Tibetan communities on this hike, which follows the route taken by 19th century French missionaries.

Photo: Mei Zhang, WildChina's founder
WildChina, a sustainable travel company based in Beijing, was started by Mei Zhang, a native of Yunnan Province and a Harvard MBA. WildChina creates bespoke trips to all corners of China that are highlighted by rich personal interactions and superior access to experts and venues. Since 2000, this adventure travel company has catered to a sophisticated clientele, one that appreciates both adventure and luxury, and is interested in exploring the real China behind the popular tourist stops.

Boss's Pitch: Why Take a Tour with WildChina?

WildChina founder, Mei Zhang, says: "At WildChina, we redefine adventure beyond sky-diving and water rafting. To me, you can do a lot of hardcore physical adventures around the world, but what China has to offer to adventurers most is an adventure of the mind. I just love venturing into a community hidden in the mountains of eastern Himalayas, and finding a village where there are Tibetan prayer flags flustering on the mountain top, while there is also a beautiful wooden catholic church built in the 1900s, and a small restaurant nearby catering exclusively to non-pork eating Muslims.

WildChina doesn't present everything in a ready-to-eat TV dinner manner. It's up to you to make the best out of the adventure. A couple that traveled with us, Chuck and Kathie from Dallas, said it best: 'WildChina presents these opportunities. They put you in position to experience something special but if you want it, you have to put a bit of yourself out there; you must be the one to build a platform that supports everybody to open themselves up. By sharing a bit of yourself, you become something more than a tourist there to be fed and watch the Native Show. You interact with them "as people" and that raises the level of how meaningful this is for everyone. Whether it is a Tibetan night of extending hands of friendship - or listening to a proud father in a Beijing hutong home tell you about his successful martial arts instructor son living in Houston - or two weeks' worth of cultural immersion with warm and eager guides - if you want to maximize the value of what you paid just to get here, you must go beyond simply seeing what is around you. You must jump in.'"

Popular Adventure Travel Outings With WildChina

WildChina focuses on custom trips that can be arranged throughout the year, but also runs certain trips on specific dates. Some popular trips include: The Salween to Mekong Trek - Hiking the French Explorers Route into Tibet's heartland. Tracking Wild Pandas Footprints in western China. The WildChina Songtsam Circuit: Secrets of Shangri-La. A Classic China Family Vacation: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin & Shanghai.

To Learn More About WildChina

For more information visit WildChina or call 1-888-902-8808.

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