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Whole Journeys - A Whole New Venture From Whole Foods Market

New Travel Company for Active Foodies Who Like Adventure Travel


Visiting a farmer's market in Switzerland with Whole Journeys

Visiting a farmer's market in Switzerland with Whole Journeys

Whole Journeys
Whole Journeys is a new travel company for active foodies who enjoy adventure travel. If the name sounds sort-of familiar, it's because this new travel venture is an offshoot of Whole Foods Market. As anyone who shops at this company's natural-food grocery stores would expect, these trips are designed to give travelers total immersion in each destination's culinary and cultural traditions.

Would you like to experience a tea sampling and meet with local handicraft and tea producers in a small village in China? How about walking through vineyards with a winemaker who doesn't use any chemicals on the vines in Italy.

Turkish delights means more than buying the sweet candies you'll find in the stalls of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. You'll also hike in Cappadocia fairy chimneys. Exploring Ticino, the southern Italian speaking canton of Switzerland, travelers will enjoy cheese tastings, hike to a mountainside hut for lunch and chat with locals selling their produce in Saturday markets.

On the Active Foodies trips, travelers can expect active itineraries, where walking, hiking or cycling will be the main means of exploring the destination. Excursions to indigenous food festivals, visually-striking landscapes and/or historically significant sites, led by local guides when possible, are all incorporated in the trips.

The Web sites "Overview" section lists the maximum number of travelers - either 12 or 16 for most trips. It also covers the type of lodging. Options range from Basic - which means dormitories and shared bathrooms or camping, to Deluxe, 4-5 star hotels, generally boutique/smaller properties but with more amenities. You can also get a sense of the trip's activity level here.

The Boss' Take: Why Travel With Whole Journeys

Whole Journeys Executive Director Kathy Dragon says: "Our active foodie trips delve deeper into the culinary and cultural traditions of each destination. We get greater access to food producers and winemakers because we're small groups traveling on foot or by bicycle.

For example, in the Alps we hike into a mountainside hut and learn how to make cheese before enjoying lunch with the farmer's family. It's these kinds of experiences that open our guests' minds and create lasting relationships - both with fellow travelers and the growers, producers, food artisans and winemakers we meet along the way."

Foodie Vacations With Whole Journeys

Currently, Whole Journeys offers two types of trips: Active Foodie and Hands-On Cooks. Because this is a new venture, the number of trips are limited. As the company grows, more trips will be added. Itineraries run from five days to two weeks. Fall trips include:
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 9: Ancient Tea & Horse Route, China - Ceremonies & Culture in a Cup
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 5: Toscana in Bicicletta, Italy - Epicurean Tuscany by Bike
  • Oct. 6-12: Pathways through Provence, France - Inspiring Artisans to Artists
  • Oct. 11-18: Pedaling Provence, France - From Villages to Vineyards
  • Oct. 19-26: Create the Taste of Tuscany, Italy - Cooking by the Fireside "La Cucina al Focolare"
  • Oct. 5-11 (Harvest Festival): The Historic Basque Country, Spain - Pais Vasco: Old World, New Discoveries

To Learn More About Whole Journeys

For more information visit Whole Journeys.

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