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Find Adventure Travel Specialists at Tripology

Tripology is a free interactive referral service with specialized travel agents


Consider Tripology a matchmaker! The Tripology Web site is designed to quickly connect prospective travelers with up to three travel specialists, at no cost to you. For people who enjoy adventure travel, this can be a boon because in the trip request form there’s space to list all of the activities or adventures you’re interested in doing. You list the desired destination, the preferred style of lodging, the approximate budget and answer a few other questions or check links such as biking, skiing, eco-tours, then hit the “Submit this trip” button.

Find Adventure Travel Trips at Tripology

If you’re not sure where you want to go or what you want to do, click on the "more activities" line under Find Trips by Activities on the site’s home page. Then, put "adventure travel" in the Travel Inspiration box and see what turns up. I quickly found a trip to the annual Festival in the Desert, two hours from Timbuktu, and one with horseback riding and white water rafting in Costa Rica.

3 Travel Agents Will Respond From Tripology

Tripology sends your information to "tripologists" who specialize in the type of travel that interests you. Usually within 24 hours you’ll get an email or phone call from three agents who can help you plan the trip. Pick the one you like best.

Tripology is not a travel agency, it is an interactive travel referral service, for which you don’t pay a penny. The “tripologists,” which now number about 11,000 according to a Tripology spokesperson, make money by purchasing the traveler leads, given to them after a tripologist has been found as a compatible agent for a trip request. Triopology earned the US Travel Associations Travelcom Innovator of the Year award for 2009.

The Tripology Web Site

Whether you’re planning a trip in the near future or just looking for ideas, click on Tripology and look around.

More Top Adventure Travel Companies

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