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Great Canadian Travel Company- Polar Bears to Rainforest Trips

Polar Bear Trips to Tramp Steamer Adventures & Self-Drive in France


Great Canadian Travel Company- Polar Bears to Rainforest Trips

A polar bear poses for travelers on a Great Canadian Travel Company trip.

Photo: Robert Taylor
Great Canadian Travel Company's goal is to find exclusive locations and activities to excite the most world-weary traveler. Trips offered by the company have taken clients from Antarctica to the Amazon, from Mongolia to Baffin Island to Timbuktu.

The company's most well known for its polar bear tours, which range from Birds, Bears & Belugas, to a Classic Polar Bear Photographer's Tour and a Mother & Cubs Adventure. There are also many trips that explore Arctic Canada, the North Atlantic, Iceland and Greenland.

Other vacation choices range as far afield as a week in a nature resort in the Surinamese Rain Forest, a trip on a tramp steamer, and walking through Australia's Outback.

The company offers pre-designed trips, but also spends a lot of time developing vacations that fit the wishes of clients who want to push their boundaries and explore less-visited places in countries already popular with travelers.

The Boss’ Pitch: Why Travel With Great Canadian Travel Company

Company founder Max Johnson says, “For over forty years I have been fortunate to wander the planet seeking some of the most interesting opportunities available to our travelers. We help over 10,000 passengers every year explore new destinations, usually on self-guided programs, working in conjunction with many partners worldwide.

"From the Caucasus to the Guianas, to the remote islands of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, we are always looking to find new destinations, years before they start appearing on the mainstream radar! So if your travel instincts are for the unusual, or even the unusual parts of well-trodden countries, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

"Our trips don't have to be rugged. We love to seek out fabulous train journeys, and cruises to interesting ports. We love to encourage our clients to step beyond the known, and explore lesser-known parts of countries that we think we know well -- the Languedoc in France, the Western Isles of Scotland and rural New South Wales in Australia are just some of our favorites. From Azerbaijan to Lesotho and from the “wild coast” of Suriname to the Sahara Desert, we have scoured the world to find perfect travel opportunities for you.(Also, it has to be admitted, to have some fun ourselves!)"

Popular Adventure Travel Trips With Great Canadian Travel Company

Great Canadian Travel Company claims it pioneered polar bear watching tours in 1980, and since then the company has gradually expanded its “Top of the World” offerings to incorporate all of Canada's Arctic, Iceland, the Faro Islands and even the North Pole. Take a look at the variety of the company's signature Polar Bear Tours.

In the Europe section, you'll find trips like Return to the Source: Folk Art and Culture Tour of Ukraine, and Languedoc Self-Drive. In Australia you could explore the Australian Outback on Track the Red Centre. Take a look at the Really Odd Stuff section for innovative tours ranging from the Tramp Steamer Cruise & Offshore Adventure, to the Arctic Air Safari.

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