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Visit outdoor market in Cairo, Egypt with G Adventures

Visit outdoor market in Cairo, Egypt with G Adventures

G Adventures
G Adventures is continually recognized by National Geographic Traveler in the magazine's "Tours of a Lifetime" lists. For more than seven consecutive years, National Geographic magazine has selected a G Adventures tour as one of its "25 Best New Adventure Trips of the Year". This company offers more than 1,200 adventure travel trips to all seven continents.

G Adventures puts together small group adventures, safaris and expeditions. The trips are a mix of cultural journeys, wildlife encounters and active adventures designed for travelers who want off-the-beaten track,sustainable and face-to-face travel experiences, whether riding on the roof of a train in India, navigating the Amazon in a dugout canoe or hiking on back roads through Europe.The types of tours are split into active, classic and comfort tours.

G Adventures was founded by Bruce Poon Tip as a 20-year old in 1990 with just two credit cards (total credit limit of $20,000) and the belief that other travelers share his same desires to experience authentic adventures in a reasonably priced and sustainable manner. Bruce's love for local cultures and his commitment to change the way people vacation have helped him negotiate his way to the top of the fast-growing adventure-travel business.

The Boss' Pitch: Why Take a Tour With G Adventures

Bruce Poon Tip, the founder/CEO of G Adventures, says "G Adventures provides an authentic experience that is sustainable, affordable and fun. Because we draw people from all over the world, our tours provide travelers with a diverse group of friends with whom to travel. Our travelers also choose us because we have over 1,200 trips to over 100 countries, providing tours that work with anyone's interests and needs. G Adventures has more than 100,000 travelers a year, a lot of whom are repeat customers-- that may be the best endorsement of our company!"

Popular Adventure Travel Outings with G Adventures

The most popular tours year in and year out are usually linked to destinations as opposed to specific tours. Some of the most popular tours go to Costa Rica, China, Italy and New Zealand.

To Learn More About G Adventures

For more information visit G Adventures. G adventures is always offering deals. Here's where to find current promotions.

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