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Multi-Sport Trips and Vacations Keep the Adrenaline Pumped Up

Here's where to find trips that combine hiking, biking, rafting and more


Multi-Sport Trips and Vacations Keep the Adrenaline Pumped Up
Austin-Lehman Adventures

Travelers who live for active vacations should check out some of the multi-sport trips and vacations offered by these companies. You could combine trekking and sea kayaking, or perhaps you'd rather go mountain biking, hiking and river rafting? Why not blend cycling, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, or surfing, snorkeling and biking? Multi-sport vacations with these mixes of sports are offered in such diverse locations as the Galapagos Islands, Iceland and Thailand, so the hardest part might be deciding where you want to go.

REI Offers Exhilarating Multi-Sport Adventures

REI is one of the world's best toy stores for adventure travel enthusiasts, so it will be easy to pick up everything you'll need to go one of the company's multi-sport adventure trips? The Thailand Explorer trip includes trekking in the hill country and kayaking along the coast of the Andaman Sea. The Reef and Rain Forest trip includes snorkeling on Australia's Great Barrier, trekking and mountain biking in a tropical rainforest and white-water rafting. REI offers multi-sport trips to many countries around the world

Austin Lehman Focuses on Family Multi-Sport Trips

If you're looking for adventure travel trips that kids of varied ages will enjoy, or trips for you and your teenagers, check out Austin-Lehman Adventures. Multi-Sport trips -- bike, hike, climb, paddle, ride -- go to such scenic places as Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and Bryce, Zion and Yosemite National Parks.

Exotic Multi-Sport Adventures with Mountain Travel Sobek

Mountain Travel Sobek is famous for its adventure travel trips. If you want to hike, ride a camel and travel in 4W-drive vehicles in Libya's Sahara desert, or hike and kayak in Alaska on the Glacier Bay Expedition look at the itineraries for Mountain Travel Sobek's vacations.

O.A.R.S. Combines Rafting and More on Multi-Sport Trips

If you're looking for multi-sport adventures as close to home as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or as far away as Fiji, visit O.A.R.S. website. Hike in the tropical rainforests then cool off exploring the underwater coral off the coast of Fiji. Or, hike, kayak and swim with the sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.

Enter The World Outdoors

The World Outdoors trips are chock-full of activities. You can hike, bike, raft, rock climb and go mountaineering on the Canyons-Arches Multi-Sport trip in Utah. In Guatemala, you can hike, bike, kayak, take a zip-line canopy tour and do a lot more. This company offers dozens of multi-sport adventures around the globe.

Multisport Trips with Backroads

Backroads is an active travel company that offers 300 itineraries, including several exciting bike and multisport adventure trips. Seventy-five percent of Backroads guests have traveled with Backroads before or were referred by a friend.

More Top Adventure Travel Companies

Here's a link to my picks for top adventure travel companies - tour operators that can make your dream trip come true. Take a look. If your favorite company isn't on this list please let me know in an email. Send it to adventuretravel@aboutguide.com.
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