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Adventure travel is trendy, but not all companies offering adventure travel vacations have experience running these types of adventures. Here are tips for choosing a reputable adventure travel tour operator or outfitter, plus information about some experienced companies who are offering innovative adventure trips and vacations.
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Top Adventure Travel Companies
Find top adventure travel companies here. Adventure travel is trendy so lots of tour operators now offer trips to exotic countries and rugged U.S. rivers, deserts, mountains and other destinations. Here's how to find a reputable, experienced company or outfitter than offers adventure travel trips and vacations.

9 Trips for Adventure Travelers in 2013
Exciting new adventures for active travelers in 2013.

Whole Journeys - A Whole New Venture From Whole Foods Market
Active foodies will like Whole Journeys, a new travel venture by Whole Foods Markets. Trips give total immersion in a destination's culinary and cultural traditions.

Bucket List of Winter Vacations for Adventure Travel in Warm Locations
7 winter vacations for adventure travelers who want to vacation in warm weather settings.

Extreme Adventure Travel Tests Your Limits
Extreme adventure travel choices. Seeking extreme adventures? Push your boundaries skydiving around Mt. Everest, desert trekking, kayaking on the White Nile or your choice of other extreme adventures.

Secret Compass: Leads Pioneering Expeditions in Rarely Traveled Regions
Secret Compass' pioneering expeditions attract travelers who want real adventure. You could paddle a canoe on a river in Sierra Leone, search for petroglyphs in Panama and bike in Ethiopia's mountains.

Women's Adventure Travel - Active Trips for Women
Women's adventure travel is for gutsy women who want to travel with a group. Many women - single or married - like the camaraderie of all female groups. Here's where to find tour operators specializing in women's adventure travel.

Luxury Adventure Travel in Africa with Micato Safaris
Luxury safaris in Africa earned Micato honors as one of Travel & Leisure's "World's Best Tour & Safari Outfitter" eight times.

Wildlife Volunteer Vacations With Biosphere Expeditions
On volunteer vacations with this volunteer wildlife conservation organization you can travel to help track tigers, scuba dive to repair fragile underwater reefs and experience other adventures.

Find Safaris and Adventures in Africa With Extraordinary Journeys
Safaris to Africa, private deluxe trips with innovative adventures, from walking tours with the Maasai to horseback safaris. Extraordinary Journeys lives up to its name.

Nomadic Expeditions to Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan and the Far East
Explore Mongolia by foot, horseback, camel or four-wheel vehicle on a Nomadic Expeditions adventure or cultural journey.

Adventure Travel Companies Offering Luxury Vacations
If you enjoy adventure travel, but want like some pampering, ranging from private guides and posh accommodations, these companies have luxury vacations that may appeal to you.

JOURNEYS is a Family-Owned Adventure Travel Company
JOURNEYS International offers full-service exotic, guided cross-cultural explorations, nature safaris, treks and eco-tours in remote corners of Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific

Adventure Travel With Cox & Kings' Upscale Discovery Group and Private Journeys
Cox & Kings, started in 1758, offers luxury, discovery and private cultural and wildlife journeys to India, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and Europe

Adventure Travel Trends in 2010 - How You Can Take Advantage of Them in 2011
2010 saw a number of exciting adventure travel trends. Here they are, and here's how you can take advantage of them for savings and extra value when booking adventure travel trips in 2011. Some of the trends include engaging with local people and cultures, using eco-lodges as a base for adventures, and visiting exotic countries such as Turkey,...

Find Adventure Travel With Discovery Adventures
This tour operator is a leg of the Discovery Channel. Visit and join the local cultures you've seen on TV.

Find Adventures in South America With Adventure Associates
Adventure Associates, which has been in the adventure travel business since 1974, designs active and at times pulse-pounding travel in South America.

Churchill Wilds Ecotours Open Up the Northern Canadian Wilderness
Churchill Wild has an amazing collections of ecotours that will take you to see polar bears in the summer or the winter, snorkel with Beluga whales, and view caribou and wolves.

Buy an Adventure Travel Package
Not all companies are experienced in adventure travel, so choosing a reputable one is key to having a good trip.

On Shanghai Insiders Tours You Sightsee Riding in a Sidecar Motorbike
Touring Shanghai, China, on a vintage Changjiang motobike is a novel way to explore the city.

Uncharted Africa Safaris to Remote Botswana Settings
Uncharted Africa Safaris has two award-winning camps in Botswana. The Bushman Experience and the Quad-Bike Safari are two of the companies imaginative trips.

Learning Holiday - Edventures are Fun Learning Vacations
Learning Holiday is a gateway to all sorts of learning and educational vacations and trips. On the Learning Vacations Web site you will links to vacations and trips for adventurous travelers who like to learn and volunteer. Cultural immersions with the Maoris in Africa, whale watching in Hawaii, surfing in California and cooking classes in Peru are the merest sampling of the diverse offerings.

Great Adventure Travel Vacations with G Adventures
G Adventures, which made National Geographic Adventure magazine’s top “Do It All” outfitter list again in the February, 2009, issue, offers a choice of more than 1,200 small group adventure travel trips to all seven continents.

Choose the Right Adventure Travel Company for You
Adventure travel is trendy, but not all adventure travel companies offering such vacations have experience running these types of adventurous trips. Here's where to scope out a variety of experienced companies who offer adventure travel trips, plus tips for choosing a reputable tour operator or outfitter.

Adventure Travel With Geographic Expeditions
Geographic Expeditions offers adventure travel and vacations around the globe. The adventures to remote and challenging destinations, which Geographic Expeditions has been offering since 1981, include a varied portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world's most astonishing places.

Find Philanthropic Adventure Travel with Elevate Destinations
If you're looking for a company that combines adventure travel with making a difference to destination communities, check out Elevate Destinations.

Find Adventure Travel Specialists at Tripology
Consider Tripology a matchmaker! Adventure travelers will like the Tripology Web site because it's designed to quickly connect prospective travelers with up to three travel agents who specialize in the type of trip you are seeking, at no cost to you.

Whitewater Rafting and Adventure Travel Trips With ROW Adventures
ROW Adventures, which offers whitewater rafting and other adventurous trips, has had trips included in National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “Tours of a Lifetime” for three years running, and Outside Magazine’s Top Ten New Trips for two consecutive years.

Which Adventure Travel Company to Use?
Not all companies are experienced in adventure travel, so choosing a reputable one is key to having a good trip. Here are tips for finding the best company for you.

Trip Insurance Might Save You Money
The more expensive the trip, the more you should consider purchasing trip insurance.

Adventure travel off the beaten path with Intrepid Travel
Intrepid Travel is a niche adventure travel company that focuses on taking travelers off the beaten track in Asia

Last Minute Adventure Travel Deals with LastMinute.com
If you're looking for last minute adventure travel deals visit LastMinute.com for a big selection.

Custom Trip Planning with NileGuide.com
You can create a custom trip on NileGuide.com, which is chock-full of information about major destinations and popular resorts towns around the globe. Move your itinerary back and forth with friends who are traveling with you, then print it off and head out the door.

Adventure Travel - Hands Up Holidays Blends Adventure and Volunteer Vacations
Hands Up Holidays runs many high-end, luxury volunteer adventure trips to 32 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. Groups are as small as two and no larger than 12.

Find Your Dream Trip at an Adventures in Travel Expo
Find your dream trip of a lifetime at one of the Adventures in Travel Expos in New York, Chicago, Long Beach or Washington DC

Adventure Travel -- Ecotourism and Nature Trips With International Expeditions
International Expeditions offers small-group eco-tours and nature travel trips to exotic locations including the Amazon, Egypt, Galapagos, India and Kenya during the annual animal migration.

Adventure Travel Trips and Vacations With Travcoa
Looking for luxury tours filled with adventures? Travcoa offers escorted tours, custom vacations and luxury private jet trips.

High& Wild Offers Innovative and Extreme Adventure Travel
This UK-based company caters to adventureous travelers who want to explore unusual locales in interesting ways, such as a tandem skydive near Mt. Everest or helping families move reindeer herds.

Cultural RomTour Makes Romanian Vacations Easy
Romania-based Cultural RomTour sets up innovative trips and vacations to this Eastern Europe country, where Dracula's tale still haunts Transylvania, the "Little Paris" nickname for Bucharest is being revived, and horse-drawn carts are still the transportation of choice in the countryside.

Where to Find More Adventure Travel Tips
Travelers seeking websites for more adventure travel tips should check out this gateway created by fellow adventure travelers.

Experience Adventure Travel with Adventure Life
Adventure Life, which was founded in 1999, focuses on nature, cultural, and active travel. It's an adventure travel company that offers preset itineraries, creates custom trips, and has several trips designed specifically for solo travelers.

Natural Habitat Adventures Is for Nature Loving Adventurers
Natural Habitat Adventures is for adventure travelers who enjoy nature expeditions. Naturalist guides bring travelers face-to-face with polar bears, to sit near a family of mountain gorillas, and see tigers in India's less-visited parks. This company focuses solely on nature travel around the globe.

WildChina Gives Adventure Travelers An Insider's Take on the Real China
WildChina,a sustainable travel company based in Beijing founded by a native of Yunnan Province with a Harvard MBA, creates bespoke trips for sophisticated travelers that combine adventure and luxury to all corners of China.

Adventure Travel with Asia Transpacific Journeys
Adventure travel - Asia Transpacific Journeys designs trips that go beyond the ordinary to create Asia travel experiences that incorporate promote cross-cultural understanding, encourage environmental sustainability, and fulfill travelers' long-held personal dreams.

Adventure Travel with National Geographic Adventures
Active adventure travelers will enjoy these trips, which combines adventure travel and the types of exploration for which National Geographic is famous. The company has united with Mountain Travel Sobek to create these new adventure trips. Here's where to find a list of these amazing adventures.

Try Hostels for Budget Adventure Travel
Hostels are a boon to adventure travelers on a budget. Don't think you must sleep in a dorm room bunk and a share a bath. You can, but you can also rent a private room with private bath. Here's where to find 25,000 hostels around the world.

Adventure Travel - Wandrian Adventures
Seeking small-group adventure travel experiences worldwide? This company combines adventures, education, and culture into one-of-a-kind adventure travel packages.

Jacada Travel Specializes in Custom Upscale Visits to Latin American Countries
This company creates custom luxury trips to many countries in Latin America, which include everything from motorcycle tours and heli-fishing to relaxing by the ocean in luxury villas.

Extreme Adventure Travel with Epic Tomato
This company take travelers to the world’s most geographically extreme locales - from jungle and tribal trekking to kayaking the White Nile and foraging a path through Borneo's forests,

Tips for Exploring the Wilderness & Outdoors Safely This Summer
Tips to increase your safety and enjoyment when exploring the wilderness and during outdoor excursions.

Exotic Adventure Travel With Myths and Mountains Vacations
Visiting Bhutan, Cambodia, other Asian countries, Easter Island and South America, you'll take home more memories than souvenirs with this adventure travel company. Expect homestays, the chance to participate in special festivals and a chance to trek with nomadic people of rural Bhutan, camp with shamans and more.

Find Exotic Adventures With Wildland Adventures
Rated by National Geographic Adventure as the #1 Best 'Do-it-all' Outfitter on Earth in 2009, this adventure travel company has led small groups of adventurers through fragile natural and cultural environments for 25 years.

Volunteer Vacations - Adventure Philanthropy With Roadmonkey
Volunteer Vacations - This company's "adventure philanthropy" approach to volunteer vacations combines travel to remote locales with volunteer projects chosen by local non-profit groups.

Combine Volunteering & Adventure Travel With Smaller Earth
Combine volunteering and adventure travel with this company, which has overseas jobs for students and active vacations for everyone.

Great Canadian Travel Company- Polar Bears to Rainforest Trips
Imaginative polar bear tours, trips to Iceland, Arctic, Greenland and the North Atlantic are the company's specialty.

Family Adventure Travel Companies
Looking for an adventure travel company that offers family adventures you and your kids will love? Here are several companies that offer family adventure travel chock-full of adventures just for kids, plus adventures the entire family will enjoy as a group. Once you click on these websites, look for links to the family adventure trips.

Lost Earth Adventures - Asia & Nepal Trips for Adventurous Travelers
Lost Earth Adventures runs trips for active travelers to Southeast Asia and Nepal. Stay with locals, hike or mountain bike in the Himalayas and raft down big rivers.

Kensington Tours personalizes trips to 90 countries and expedition cruises. The Explorer in Residence trips are for true adventurers.

Walking Trips in Europe With On Foot Holidays
On Foot Holidays has 21 self-guided trips in Europe, created by locals in each region.

Multisport Sports Vacations With BonVoy Adventure Travel
Bonvoy Adventure Travel offers multisport trips. Ask about the flexible pricing options and you may get a discount.

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