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Riptours Search Engine Lets You Find and Compare Trips


This site is no longer operating

Riptours.com is a new Web site designed by travelers to connect adventure travelers with lists of multi-day adventure tours on all seven continents. Riptours search engine lets you drill down for trips to dozens of different countries, or for different activities. Once you've chosen a few tours, the site lets you compare them.

With about 2,000 trips listed on the site, you'll want to use the filter. Click on "Adventure Tours" and there's a bar on the left side of the screen that lets you immediately narrow down choices by choosing a country, a style of activity (active-extreme, culture/history, etc.) and a specific tour operator. There are slides that let you choose your preferred tour price, length of trip and group size.

Blogs on the site are a mix of activities experienced on trips, "top 10" lists of adventures in various countries, and travel-related topics. As the site grows, once you register on the site (free), you'll be able to compare and share tours with friends prior to making any booking decisions. One section also offers general for many of the locations, which are directed at adventure travelers.

Currently, the site only lists five tour operators, but there are top quality ones including G Adventures, and Intrepid Travel. The list is expected to grow because the Canada-based company is currently accepting tour operators into the program. "We are looking for tour operators with positive traveller reviews and a strong reputation for responsible tourism. Having a diversified range of tour destinations and activities is a bonus." says Jake Luft, Riptours Adventure Travel's Vice President.

You can join the site for free and there is no charge for booking trips. The tour operators pay a fee to have trips listed on the site.

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