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Deals and Discounts at Ski and Summer Mountain Resorts

Mountain resorts often have deals for adventure travelers


Mountain Biking near Aspen, Colorado

Mountain Biking near Aspen, Colorado

L Friedland

Mountain resorts are great places to beat the urban heat in the summertime and enjoy winter sports when the weather is colder. Most mountain resorts in the United States and Canada offer deals and discounted summer and winter travel packages on their websites. Early-bird pricing often save big bucks, while other bargains come when you book last-minute deals. Many wintertime packages include skiing or snowboarding, plus snowmobiling, tubing and other activities. In the summertime, the packages often include activities such as rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding or golf.

Many resorts also have a “hot deals” or “cool deals” link, with last-minute packages. Start on the resort’s home page and look for the “lodging” and “deals” links.

Here are links to some popular resorts. Sign up for resorts’ email newsletters, which often list great deals and discounted vacation packages.

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