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Review: 101 Tips for Women Travelers

Even Seasoned Travelers (Women and Men) Will Pick Up Tips in This Free Book


Review: 101 Tips for Women Travelers

101 Tips for Women Travelers

This free book, 101 Tips for Women Travelers is filled advice from packing and laundry tips to medical matters, shopping and communicating in foreign countries. Even experience travelers can pick up a few tips because the suggestions come from dozens of women, including well-seasoned travelers and trip leaders.

The book is edited by Harriet R. Lewis, Vice Chairman of the Grand Circle Corporation, which is a provider of international and adventure travel for Americans over 50. (Many of the tips are good for all adult travelers.) The company has three sister brands, Overseas Adventure Travel, Grand Circle Cruise Line and Grand Circle Travel.

Tips for Travelers

Some of the tips included are:
  • Prepare two itemized lists: one for packing and the other for medical emergencies. Keep one set of lists in your purse and the other set in your checked luggage. If you've ever been on a trip when your luggage hasn't arrived (or was permanently lost), the list of contents can be very helpful. Having it will help you quickly reconstruct the information for the airline and the insurance company. The medical list is, of course, handy in case of any problems.
  • Protect your belongs from humidity. If you're heading to a destination with high humidity, save the desiccants (silica gel packets ) from new shoes and purses, or ask for them at a local shoe or camera store. Put them in a plastic bag with medications or in a plastic bag with your camera, to prevent humidity from fogging lenses or damaging the medicine.
  • Staying hydrated during a flight. We all know we're supposed to drink lots of water when on a long flight. Bring beverage powders along to give the water some taste.
  • If you're a solo female traveler and a desk clerk calls out your room number when there are other people nearby, change rooms. Pack a small rubber door stopper. Slide it under the door to prevent anyone from opening your door at night.
  • Bring a stash of inexpensive gifts to give to people who prove to be helpful to you. Anything from T-shirts and baseball caps imprinted with your favorite sports teams, to local delicacies from your state (such as maple syrup if you're from Vermont).
  • If you're traveling solo, in some countries it isn't advisable for women to travel alone by taxi. Have the hotel concierge hail a taxi for you and negotiate the price. (Some hotels may have cabs or cars available with drivers they trust.)
  • Take a matchbook with the hotel's name and address with you whenever you're in a new city in a foreign country. (Some hotels, especially in China, have business cards with the hotel's name and address in both Chinese and English.)
  • Know when it's all right for women to kiss cheeks or shake hands. Strong cultural norms prevail in different parts of the world.
  • Bring extras of batteries, memory cards and a backup camera. In some countries it's hard, or very expensive, to replace batteries and memory cards. If a camera stops working or is stolen, you have a backup.

More Tips in the Book

The book also has some interesting, short tales about famous travelers, a list of "Around the World in 80 Films, and some suggestions for regional reads.

As a well-seasoned traveler, I didn't expect to learn much while browsing the book. My mistake. I picked up several excellent ideas, which I'll be using in the future. Although it's labeled "for women travelers" my husband said he found some good tips in it, too. The book is free, and here's where to order 101 Tips for Women Travelers.

If you're looking for companies that feature trips for women, visit Active Trips for Women.

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