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Smith Turbo Fan Goggles Clear the Fog

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goggles with a fan to prevent fogging
Smith Optics
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If you've been forced to stop mid-mogul on a ski slope because your goggles have fogged and you can't see the bottom of the bump, or if you're in a snowstorm and have a personal white-out from fogged glasses you'll want to own a pair of Smith's Turbo Fan goggles. Quite simply: They clear the foggy air so you can see where you are going. If you're a downhill skier, snowboarder or snowmobiler who wears glasses that fog when you're active, check out the Ocular Docking System. It's an insert in which you can put your own prescription lenses.
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  • A tiny, quiet fan is built into the frame.
  • The switch to move the fan between two speeds is easy to use when wearing gloves
  • The goggles are comfortable


  • May need a strap extender to fit over a helmet
  • The goggles sell out rapidly, so may be hard to find at stores


  • Quiet micro-electronic fan runs continuously to eliminate fog
  • Carbonic-X lens provides exceptional clarity and scratch resistance
  • Self-adjusting split "V" nose for a comfortable fit
  • Prodigy and Knowledge OTG are Ocular Docking System compatible
  • Basic models come in black with platinum or sensor mirror lense.
  • Rose-copper lense available.
  • Knowledge OTG is large fit; Prodigy and Phenom are medium fit
  • Fan unit requires two AAA batteries

Guide Review - Smith Turbo Fan Goggles Clear the Fog

The Turbo Fan goggles do exactly what’s promised: The fan keeps the lenses clear so you can see where you are going. While they’re a terrific choice for any skier, snowboarder or sportsperson who wanders around outdoors in the winter, they are an incredible gift to people who wear eyeglasses.

I was literally in a fog the first time I wore eyeglasses under my goggles on the ski slopes, after years of wearing contact lenses. Between the powder falling from above and the body heat generated while skiing though the bumps, every time I paused my goggles fogged so quickly and completely that I had to take them off and try to dry the lenses. The tiny quiet fan, which runs at two speeds and is built into the frame of the Smith Turbo Fan Prodigy goggles, keeps my glasses clear even when skiing during snowstorms. If the goggles start to fog when you stop after skiing hard, just slide the switch to a higher speed for a few minutes and they clear.

There are three models – the Prodigy, the Phenom and the Knowledge OTG. The first two are medium fit, while the Knowledge is designed to fit over glasses. People with smaller faces may be able to fit their glasses inside the Prodigy model, as I do. If not, Smith has an Ocular Docking System that fits inside most Turbo Fan models.

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