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Info on Air Travel - The TSA 311 Rule for Airplane Carry-on Bags

What's Allowed Now in Carry-on Plane Bags


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TSA has a 311 rule for air travel. This means each passenger can can take ONE zip-top quart-size plastic bag filled with small containers of liquids and gels, according to the Transportation Security Authority's regulations. These travel-size toiletries (three ounces or less) must fit comfortably in the plastic bag. You will have to put the bag in a bin on the conveyor belt so it can be x-rayed by security officials.

You can take bottles of water or other liquids on the plane that you've purchased after you go through security area.

TIP: You can take an empty plastic bottle through security and then fill it up at a drinking fountain before boarding your plane.

TSA now allows certain checkpoint friendly laptop bags and backpacks, which have an unobstructed view of a computer, so travelers don't have to take their computer out of a carry-on bag while going through an airport security checkpoint. For specifics on the type of computer bag allowed visit Laptop Bags.

As the regulations keep evolving, it's also a smart move to check out the TSA Information for Travelers on the Transportation Security Administration's website. Here's where you can also get details about taking medicines in containers that are larger than three ounces.

Here are a few of the other additions and changes since the original security ban was implemented.

  • TSA insists all passengers take their shoes off so the shoes can be x-rayed along with the carry-on bags.
  • Passengers will now be allowed to take small doses of liquid medicine through security and on the plane, a slight adjustment from the original security ban.

    The following items are permitted to be carried aboard the aircraft:

  • Passengers traveling with infants may bring baby formula.
  • Prescription medicine that matches the passenger's name.
  • Essential non-prescription medicines such as insulin are permitted. If you are in doubt about an item, please leave it at home or place in your checked baggage or the item may be intercepted at the security checkpoint. TSA continues to allow laptop computers, cell phones and other electronic items. These measures will be constantly evaluated and updated as circumstances warrant.

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