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Traveling by boat on the Amazon river at dawn

Traveling by boat on the Amazon river at dawn

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Adventure travel contests, sweepstakes and giveaways are a route used by many adventure travel companies, and companies that make adventure travel gear, to get you visit their Web sites. Almost every week or two, a new contest or sweepstakes giving the winner a free trip or gear that can be used during adventures, pops up on the Web.

Whether you're entering a sweepstakes or a contest (which may require action such as creating a video showing why you should win), some demographic information may be required and your email address will be required. Increasingly, you may be asked to sign up on the company's Twitter or Facebook pages. Usually, there's a line asking if you want to have free email newsletters mailed to you. On some sites, the box is already checked, so you must un-check it if you don't want to receive newsletters.

Read the contest or sweepstakes rules carefully before you click "Enter." The rules may exclude certain states, be allowed only in certain countries, and may have a minimum age limit. Be sure to check the time of day the contest ends.


This company is giving away $10,000 and a full SCOTTEVEST wardrobe to one winner and their travel companions to make the Trip of Your Life a reality! To enter, send a video, photos or story explaining, “What is the Trip of Your Life?”

Enter here

Enter By Dec. 31, 2011

Learn more about SCOTTEVEST.

CONTEST FOR ADVENTURE TRAVEL: Eight-Day Cruise to the Galapagos Islands

The Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival in conjunction with World Expeditions is giving away an eight-day cruise to the Galapagos Islands.

Enter here

Enter By Oct. 15, 2011

Learn more about Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival


Fiji Waters has a contest with a grand prize of a seven-night luxury trip to the all-inclusive Turtle Island Resort in Fiji, with business class airfare courtesy of Air Pacific. Other winners will get a two-night getaway with luxury hotel amenities to Chicago, Miami or Los Angeles. Additional runner-up prizes include free FIJI Water Delivery Service for one year or FIJI Water gift bags.

Enter here

Enter By Oct. 31, 2011

Contest for Adventure Travel Gear: Women's Adventure Travel Magazine Women's Adventure Magazine often runs contests for great gear. The current list of giveaways includes a range from a Marmot Angelfire sleeping bag and a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes to a Fisher Hydration pack.

Enter here

Enter By November 30, 2011

Learn more about Women's Adventure Magazine

More Tips to Find Free Adventure Travel

Packaged and custom adventure travel trips with tour operators aren't free, of course, but there are lots of adventures you can enjoy and sample for free. Are you looking for tips and ideas about where to find an event or store where you can demo sports equipment free, or ski or snowboard without buying a lift ticket? Would you like to know how to snag a free trip? Visit Free Adventure Travel Tips.

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